ESRI (from ESRI ;) ) Thai map for 2.000 THB

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  1. Kind of surprising. Second price decrease of the Thai map in short time.
    I guess lots of pirate copies help to make this decision.

    There are also few things to be aware of:
    1. ESRI will not provide update for purchased map (will have to buy a new one or... a GPS with the map, then free updates during 1 year)
    2. There are some issues with V.10 - sometimes the unit goes off while looking for location "near..." (that was fixed with the new firmware update for nuvi series with Thai OS, haven't checked with non Thai OS yet).
    That's why ESRI prefers to sell v.9 instead of v.10. So, in case you're planning to buy a new map license, make sure to order v.10 ;)
  2. I'm afraid for 276C ESRI updates only to v.9
    File size: V.9: Thai - 127 MB, Eng - 132 MB
    The map update for your model will be 600 THB, but.... you need to spend extra on the memory :( (256MB)
  3. Mauris
    Thanks for this news most helpful.
    As usual Eagle well ahead of the game.

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