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  1. Is there an actual calendar that presents upcoming events in a simple, chronological format? I've been working from the Events section of the forum, which is helpful but not convenient. If there's a better reference place, pls. advise.


  2. In the interim I've discovered the calendar on the main GT Rider's page. Why is it not used? Is it because of the requirement to get "cleared" by somebody? Since at present the thing is useless, maybe it would be better to drop the clearance process and just enable the inclusion of events by Forum Members?

    (scusi if I've misunderstood how one might use the calendar...)

  3. Apologies for the poor non-functioning calendar on GT Rider. :?
    Part of the problem is the hundreds of porn listings that have attempted to be posted on the calendar, so it was left "unused." :(
    I personally don't really know what a satisfactory solution is going to be either, but I've asked the Kiwi Cruiser webmaster to discover a realistic solution.
    If you or anyone has any suggestions or recommendations, please let us know. :idea:

  4. Thanks for the explanation, David, that makes sense.

    In the meantime I have found an example of exactly what I had in mind:

    http://www.meetup.com/Thailand-Motorcyc ... /calendar/

    This site has a comprehensive, clickable calendar, and you can easily export individual events right into your calendar of choice. I'm using Outlook, and it works perfectly...

    No need, I guess, to re-invent the wheel, maybe we should just replace some of our outdated stickies in the Event Forum with a link to these guys' site...

    Cheers, and tks again.

  5. This is indeed a difficult problem to resolve. At the moment, the calendar installed is Webcal - but its not integrated with the forum at all. Therefore, someone has the tedious task of vertifying every new event listing before it goes live. Mass volumes of Spam listings are a killer. That issue would be perpetuated with any other 3rd party calender system.

    A calendar that is integrated with the phpBB3 Forum itself would be the best solution - that way, only registered members would be able to create new events, and moderators should be easily able to manage / validate new items.

    The problem is, there does not seem to be a reliable Event Calendar available for the phpBB3 forum software - all the one's i've seen referred to are either "beta" versions, riddled with complaints from users, or no longer available / supported...

    The http://www.meetup.com/Thailand-Motorcyc ... /calendar/ link, whilst interesting, does not solve our problem because whilsts its nice - its still a "3rd party application" that could not be integrated into our forum software. If we were using vBulletin forum software, it comes complete with an integrated calendar system.
  6. On the assumption that the existing platform is, for cost (or lack thereof) reasons, the default, then if there is no satisfactory calendar capability and/or no volunteer who wants to wade through mountains of spam, then a link or sticky to the other site may be our best option. I'd suggest removing at least the "Event Calendar" sticky in the Event forum, as it is very out of date...

    If you want to take this esoteric discussion offline, PM me and I'll give you an email contact - David probably already has it...


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