Ever wonder what Thailands traffic laws really are?


Oct 17, 2006
Very inteersting list of rules and regulations but all a complete waste of time as No one follows most of them ..heck even the cops dont know them ,, smokey, broken , unroadworthy vehicles everywhere with blind,idiot moron drivers and no one in authority gives a toss.

the only use that list has is for looroll


Oct 15, 2006
Khuang Nai
Captain_Slash wrote: While in the Honda dealer this morning an Amerian guy came in on a Honda Scoopy and said he had just been fined 200 Baht because he only had one mirror on the bikesso he had them put another one on for him
Colin, was it in Udon? i mean there BIB will always find when they see "Easy" money if one dont challende them,, how many times we have seen thais ridng with NO mirrors at all and bib could not care less,
This is unfortuned for farangs as this only has negative impact from those farangs towards bib's and some of them are really nice in the road.

Few days ago i was stopped 2 times with in 40km and i would mond if they would have something to ak but stp just to have chit chat when i was in rush,, but again smile and say that im bit of the rush and "can" i go now,, they said yes and off i went...