Exporting a bike with papers but no green book

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  1. Hi There

    I am interested in buying Bung's Dakar that he has advertised

    I want it in Cambodia (to go along with my DR650 two 250's and two Motos)

    He has it in Thailand and has all the papers and invoices but has not registered it/got a green book

    Would there be any problems getting this bike out of Thailand at the Aranyaprathet/Poipet border if we drove it there in a pick up?

    Once out of Thailand I can easily take care of getting it into Cambodia


  2. John, I do not think that Poipet border is very good now after they got the new Custom Building. Probably a smaller border like Osmach or something that like is easier. In principle you should be able to export the bike with proper papers for the engine and the frame but it will be time consuming and your nerves will be exhausted. HIKO
  3. Thanks Hiko

    I had thought of O'Smach

    I have crossed there before

    In reality so long as I get my passport stamped I am happy to just ride away into Cambo where there are no customs and not stop at the customs in Thailand

    When I crossed last time I did immigration and then rode off until I realised I had not done any paperwork (It was my first time riding into Thailand)

    O'smach has the casino that I need to park the bike at to make a quick alteration to (fit licence plate) and I can get stamped into Cambo and them ride through first thing in the morning and be in PP by 3pm



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