F1 Red Bull and Amazing Thailand

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  1. I was watching F1 Qualifying today and I noticed a prominent "Amazing Thailand" and the Thai flag on the side of the Red Bull drivers cockpits. I wondered how Thailand and T.A.T. could afford such expensive advertising. I was sure I hadn't seen it on the cars before. I found this on the Red Bull F1 website;

    So now we have a Thai rider in Moto2 and, at least for one race, a Thai "partnered" F1 team. :clap:
  2. Dave, thanks for the news. I just want to add that the F1 Red Bull team already was sponsored a long time partially by a Thai family as the European RED BULL operations is a 50/50 JV between Mr.D. Mateschitz of Austria and the Thai Yodviriya family (hope I spelt the name right....) Red Bull Europe is known for its generosity in sponsoring many sports events other than what is known/shown in the typical boring US channels we can see here via Satellite..............Cheers, Franz
  3. Rather amusing to think that the erstwhile KTM Thai bike importer
    feels that any association with Red Bull is far too LoSo for their target market.
    It certainly is Amazing Thailand !
  4. Franz-

    Yes, I have talked many times with other friends about the multitude of teams in many sports sponsored by Red Bull: Red Bull Air Races, MotoX, U.S. Auto Racing, and much more. I did know of the Thai connection, but I didn't think it was 50/50. I also have been told, and read, that the Thai owner of Red Bull Thailand is the richest person in Thailand.

    In the U.S. we do get some very exciting motorsports coverage. We have more than just one channel dedicated to just that. Perhaps if Thailand would clear the airwaves of so many silly games with people running up and down a field kicking a stupid ball, we would have room for a little more excitement. :crazy: :lol-sign:

    All that said, I was still quite surprised to see the prominent display of Thailand on the cars.
  5. Agree with the "stupid ball" bit.
    Good to see that TAT is trying to do something to encourage tourists to come over here. In this area - MaeChan/ChiangSaen there don't appear to be any at the moment! :clap:
  6. Red Bull Thailand was of Course the Original and First. Red Bull Europe was the Brain Child of Mateschitz who approached the Thai Family as Franz stated. it originally started as a joint effort but the Thai side for what ever reason decided against continuing and agreed to split leaving the rest of the World Market to Mateschitz who has obviously done a Brilliant Job at Marketing and making it the World Brand it is now!I can't understand why as I personally think it is Rubbish and never drink the Stuff, Give Me a Gatorade any day over that Sugar Water. I bet the Thai side are kicking themselves now!!!Anyway Thailand Red Bull is Only Thailand, everywhere else is Mateschitz who sponsors just about every form of Sport imaginable? Red Bull Thailand was operated by the founder and Head of the Yodviriya Family up to now but He is stepping aside to allow His Son to take over. The Son is Young Educated and Ambitious, He also has Big Ideas for Red Bull and realises the importance of Marketing and Promotion so We may see more local activity in the Future? Not sure what He can do about the rest of the World as Mateschitz has it all tied up and All to Himself!!! That is the Story as far as I have been Told and know of it? Of course I could be Wrong??? There's a first time for everything!!!
  7. That's the same way that I understand things, Ian. Also Red Bull in Thailand is a slightly different formula. It's impossible we can BOTH be wrong! :shock:
  8. Thats also the same story that i know ....and this was told when in austria a few years back.
  9. Guys, I have one more bit, to my knowledge do they have a holding company in Hongkong (that's the 50/50) from where the whole business is controlled. Ian stated right that Mateschitz is doing all, he was a former manager of I think Ogilvy&Mather or any other big marketing company. When I was younger I can remember their brilliant marketing with cartoons where the topic was simple: "Drink Red Bull and you'll grow wings" in German: Red Bull verleiht Fluegel. I personally do not like it too much as it makes my heart beat in 200's....what I like so much is that their sponsoring concentrates mainly in extreme sports, where the guys & gals can't easily get a sponsor as it doesn't offer a good TV coverage. Of course for generating sales they are naturally investing a lot in mass sports. As Mr. Mateschitz is Austrian he's very much in sponsoring anything concerning wintersports. Dave that was what I meant with boring Starsports/ESPN and others, mainly Golf, Football,........and the lot. He himself has a pretty big collection of variuous vintage planes as this seems to be his biggest hobby, I also think he has an own hangar for them at Salzburg Airport.
    Finally Thailand seems to have woken up to also go other ways in promoting this beautiful country not only though TG and TAT advertisings.....or the negative things that were brought upon the world months earlier..... :mrgreen: , still a long hard way to go TAT but hopefully they succeed. Rgds, FR

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