Father and son from Udon to Koh chang

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    A few months ago my son asked me what attracted me to drive around in Thailand with my bike. After seeing some pictures he decided to book a ticket and to travel with me for 2 weeks. As he flew to Ubon, I was in Krasang to take my bike and have a quick checkup and accompanied him that night in the Toschang hotel in Ubon. One of my favorit hotels near the mekong.
    From the hotel to the Laos border, this is our starting point.
    Next stop was Kanthalarak. A quick visit to my uncle and continue to Preah Vihar Temple. Unfortunately it was still closed due to the conflict between Thailand and Cambodia.
    11bjjib. (netpic)
    Than we drove to Wat Khuat. Known by us all
    From here to Surin to spend the night and to meet some friends.
    The following day we drove to Phanong Rung in Buriram, one of the most important Khmer temples in Thailand.
    And a quick visit at wat Muang Tam
    When you're in Buriram and like football you can not round the best team in the country: Buriram United. So we paid a visit to Thunder Castle
    And then on to Khao Kadong where you have a magnificent view over the city.
    Through Huai Rat and some of small villages to Krasang. Two days at home in the village
    After two days Krasang via Aranyaprathet and Sakeo to Pattaya. . A quick meal in the "cowboy of love". I like to stop here for a "chicken steak in bbqsauce" always aroy aroy

    Pattaya is not directly a place to take your son. The girls went crazy when they saw a young boy like him. But wanted an afternoon carting and take him to the flight of the Gibbon. For those who have not done it is definitely recommended. For the rest "what happens in Pattaya, stays in Pattaya".
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  3. bartomeer

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    After two days pattaya was time to drive to Koh Chang. Stayed in Cookies White Sand Beach.
    Ho Watanatham Nithat
    After a few days, Koh Chang was time to go to Bangkok. Visit the Highlights and had a meal on the Bayoke tower. The food in the beergarden (german) soi 19, Sukhumvit was also deliciuos.
    It was a fun trip for a father and son. After his return, I drove back to Buriram then across Khon Kaen to Udon Thani. After a night Udon drove to Sakhon Nakhon, Mukdahan, Roi Et, Sisaket. All together a 3000 km ride.
    Next trip in December Pakse to Vang Vieang, Laos
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    Good Stuff. There are some wonderful father/son reports on GTR & all deliver a sense of continuity & of warmth amidst the adventure. You're a lucky man.
  5. Ian Bungy

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    Looks like You covered all the Spots with that trip, well done! Someone must have recieved some sponsorship with those New BMW 1600 Motorcycles in Your last Photo?
  6. bartomeer

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    It was the day that Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn visited Wat Phra Kaew so I think it was a part the royal escort
  7. brian_bkk

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    Nice report.. Looks like you both had a great time..

  8. David Race

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    So good to see a father and son together on such a great trip.
    I'm sure he will go home and think his dad is the coolest person on earth.
    Nice pictures and a trip you will remember for life.
    Nice one .:thumbup:
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    Looks like a good trip and exellent photos I was at koh Chang last year rode down from Chaing Mai
    I am of to north east Thailand this year I hope ,so some good ideas
    Safe riding
  10. Digiamo

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    Spectacular ride and photos...Very inspirational. Thanks.

    Can't wait to be there in January
  11. Sharktooth

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    Looks like a good trip man. Like the Pattaya quote...
  12. TonyBKK

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    Great report! Were you guys two up on the Versys? How old is your son? I bet he can't wait to come back! :happy1:
  13. bartomeer

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    He's 19, yes we were together on the versys. It was his first time in Thailand and wanted him to get used to the traffic here before he drive his own bike. Sure he's comming back but he's young and is hungry to see more than just Thailand.

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