Few touring-tip for those who want'em.

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  1. Many of you know this, but if only one of you out there,get some out of it, I'm homefree.

    Maintain and know your bike,spend one? evenings beerbudget on a new battery(they cant take the heat and vibration as we want'em),replace filters and oils of course, why not bleed out some brakeliquid from your calipers and discover the imrovement of your brakes, since that liquid loves to mix with water/humidity.

    Mirrors om bikes here mostly get used to squeeze pimples, make sure Yours stick out enough too see the maniac behind you, and do not vibrate as soon you get up to 110 Km/h.

    Dont carry 5 Kg:s tools with you, there are 60+mill. peolpe living around you, tools are available at any place.I carry the 2:nd best invention since the condom: A Leatherman. And few tools who fit where the manufacturer intended.

    Reduce your luggage to an extreme minimum, at worst you have to buy a new clean shirt, so what. But your driving will be so much smother !.
    Personally we have a foldable! 30lit waterproof bag on the rear, and a small rack-sack on my lady(wich also are used for small day-trips).

    SPARE-KEY: Do not go without one hidden/glued to a "safe" place on your bike. Ignition-locks are ment for THAT key only, no other keys etc. The weight of it all ..will eventually spoil your lock!. (If you find one market BMW in the sand outside Siem Reap its mine,,,,. yes, we had the spare with us, but imagine yourself hardwiring and drilling fuelcaps.

    Udd things I DO NOT travel without: MOZZIE-SPRAY :since they love to be where you are having your feets enjoying your dinner, yes under the table-cloth. 220V MOZZIE-KILLER: this little wonder-machine with a liquid-cotainer underneath it can be obtained at any Superstore and really makes your night at the new guesthouse you just found, small in size and perfect for travel.CHAIN-SPRAY: Take as an habit to spray your chain(if you have one) at the end of the day when the chain is hot, and let it dry in over night. GLOVES: as another habit, keep a pair at ALL times laying on the bike, few people steal old gloves,,,.THAI DRIVING-LICENCE:This will take you a day or two,,but is not so tricky now as before, and WILL ease your life! ex:at an accident/policecheck/ID-card at check-in/obtain Thai-price instead of Falangprice at many places etc. LED-LIGHT: Obtain that little coin-sized ledlight and hang it on your beltclip 24h, Its worth a fortune when you have found your new guest-house ,but not the toilet at night !.

    "OIL-SPILL": Plse be aware of dark spots on the tarmac, hill-climbs and corners are breeding-grounds for oils from trucks etc. And can make your holiday into a disaster.(And don't expect the trucker to sanitize his oil, if he gets the truck running, he is gone).

    BRAKE-LIGHTS: Do not expect everyone mending their lights, when did you check yours lately ?. Just expect everyone to be either drunk and/or from a Kamikaze-family, and you can have a safe ride.

    CARPE DIEM/ Per.
  2. CUCUMBER WIPES: From Boots chemist. When you stop for a break you can freshen your face then clean the bugs off your visor; you will need a dry rag or tissue to dry your visor afterwards. You can then give your lights, mirrors and indicators the once over with the same cucumber wipe before passing it to the misses and laughing as she uses it on her face. Don't tell Helen.


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  3. Goodonyaa, Now Im homefree, Cheers , Per
  4. hi guys,
    what did you mean by getting a thai-licence? its better if they the police stops you you say. how do you obtain one? is a false one? i am planning to travel thai/laos/cam/malysia on bike, i have my belgian licence and a international one. my girlfriend has nothing..

  5. Hi Niels

    Forget about a Thai license. While it is handy for long term visitors and residents, you cannot get one when here on a tourist visa.

    Your international license and Belgian license are all you need. The reality is that you will probably never have to show it, except in case of an accident.


    "The true secret of giving advice is, after you have honestly given it, to be perfectly indifferent whether it is taken or not and never persist in trying to set people right."
  6. F.Y.I

    I got my dr.licence without any hassle or bribes last year with a tourist-visa, 2 days in all, maybe I was lucky ?,,.

  7. You were lucky. Thai law specifies having a non-immigrant visa.

    http://www.geocities.com/bkkriders/law/ ... rive01.gif


    "The true secret of giving advice is, after you have honestly given it, to be perfectly indifferent whether it is taken or not and never persist in trying to set people right."

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