FOR SALE: Kawasaki D-Tracker 250 Honda Sonic 125

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    Model: 2009
    Km : 29,950
    Modifications: Improved seat; stainless-steel rack; Pirelli Scorpion Trails (added at 22,000km)
    Service History: Serviced completely in accordance with the owner's Manual; new chain & sprocket at 22,000km.
    Green Book; Pass for Airport Military Base.
    Great multi-purpose, trouble free motorcycle.
    Price: 102,500THB




    Model: 2008
    Km: 24,770
    Modifications: Stainless-steel rack
    Service History: serviced every 1000kms, new Dunlop T900/A's added & chain replaced at 22,000km.
    Green Book; Pass for Airport Military Base
    Far & away the best of the small bikes; great city bike. Trouble free motorcycling; service & parts everywhere.
    Price: 32,500THB



    Reason for Selling both Bikes: Moving to Vietnam (major headache to try to import).

    CONTACT - via PM on this GTR site or by email to [email protected] (or try mobile - 0844605710).
  2. Curious about your seat! Is that a local modified seat, or some sort of kit ordered from the west? Do Tell.
  3. Local modification - 1500THB down along the Saturday Walking Street with all its silver shops towards Richo.
  4. Looks nice and comfy. I need to get my 2x4 of a seat modified also!
  5. There seem to be many having similar seat modifications done - certainly gives a D-Tracker greater 'flexibility'. Davidfl has a full list of the people who modify on this web-site. Many seem to have a fully backed seat but I chose to be able to retain the possibility of taking a pillion or a larger travel bag..... it works well.
  6. Hi to be honest not sure this guy wants so much attention from a seat and would rather sell the bike in my opinion I prefer the standard seat as that looks much to comfortable for a dtracker
    More important than the seat has it had a ECU/snip and tuck job?
    I am interested message me thanks
  7. G'day,
    No ECU 'snip & tuck' job.
  8. The Sonic has gone.
    Same buyer wanted the D-Tracker at the advertised price but didn't come through.
    Did a trip with the above buyer so we're now just over 30k clicks (have had the 30k service done). May even head out in the next few days to blow out the cob-webs - mine not the bikes - after the rain.
    So the D-Tracker is back for sale & I'm ready to meet the market (giving I'm heading to VN).
  9. In all the madness to move to VN, overlooked posting that both bikes sold at the asking price so the market looks pretty good.

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