For sale (Malaysia): Yamaha Mio 115, 13500km, 1300 RM

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    Hi everyone!

    I've been riding a Yamaha Mio 115 from Northern Thailand up to Kuala Lumpur. I will not take it to Indonesia though (too much paperwork) so after a very pleasant 4000 km, I would like to sell it to someone else.

    It's a Thai bike that did a total of 14000 km. All the needed papers are included. They are all written in Thai, but nobody cares in Malaysia.

    The general condition of the bike is fine. It's not a new one, so it needs some maintenance from time to time (tires, oil, ...). The framework is super strong and the engine is indestructable. Should you have any problems, mechanics are everywhere in South East Asia and cost you almost nothing. The bike also comes with 2 helmets and a set of tools, including extra gas and engine oil. Last maintenance was 500 km ago in Penang.

    One annoying thing: the transmission variator rattles a bit when passing 20 km/h. This is nothing more but a little sound and does no real harm to the inside of the bike. I checked it myself and had two other mechanics check it. All the vitals look fine. It's probably a piece of dirt that got stuck somewhere inside. It has been making that sound ever since I bought it in Chiang Mai but hasn't deteriorated, nor improved.

    For me, it's the ideal bike for another traveller that wants to get to Thailand (or Laos, Cambodja). On the way, you'll see beautiful mountainous roads and go places where normally tourists wouldn't go. Gas is mega cheap (5 RM to ride about 100 km in Malaysia, 80 Baht in Thailand).

    I've been riding it with two big packpacks and my girlfriend on the back. One backpack between my legs, on the platform of the scooter. One backpack on the luggage rack in the back. Gets you anywhere you want!

    I'm selling it for 1300 RM. Please let me know if you are interested. I am in Kuala Lumpur at the moment.

    Toon (and Annabelle)


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