Formula 1 coming to Bangkok, Thailand in 2015!!

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  1. [h=1]Thailand approves layout for Formula 1 circuit[/h]Thailand is making progress with its plans to hold an inaugural Formula 1 race in 2015 after local authorities approved the layout for the proposed Bangkok track this week.

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  2. LMAO, wonder if there will be set up a road block to check on regos or drunk drivers or some Somtam sellers pushing their carts across the racetrack or some Wave riders crisscrossing once no F1 car is in sight 5555555.......I think this will only be doable outside of the big smog in an enclosed area as Bangkok is not Singapore (where I think they got the idea from) it has at least 4-5 times the population.....
  3. Haha! I know where you're coming from Franz, but did you know they already had a F1 and Drift demo on Bangkok streets back in 2010?

    Yes, there were no safety barriers and a crash would have been extremely ugly, but luck was on their side and the event was a huge success and I expect the F1 street race in 2015 will draw huge crowds as well. If you've ever been to Bang Saen Speed Week then you know that our Thai hosts are capable of setting up pretty decent road circuits-

    Seems even the King is a F1 fan?!
  4. I will be able to hear them from my condo.. About 1km + from Victory Monument.

    Actually, most of the roads mentioned in the article are the wider roads in Bangkok.

    As if Bangkok traffic isn't bad enough.. Can you imagine how bad it will be during the prep / event and pull down..

    But, positive note.. it sure will beat Singapore for parties and fun. Pretty sure Thailand will turn on a good event.

  5. I'd love to see this become a reality. Many I have spoken to laugh it off and I think the odds are against it but the Thais can get their a*se in gear when they have to. Who knows, they may surprise everyone.
    I wonder how Newin's Buriram race circuit is coming along.
  6. The article is incorrect..

    It states Victory monument.. Then when I found the map it didn't make sense..

    The loop includes Democracy monument.. To Victory monument would be close to 6km one way drag strip from the starting line.

  7. Rumblings over F1 race
    The Nation


    State officials and community leaders concerned about damage to historic areas in Rattanakosin if event is staged in 2015

    BANGKOK: -- Thailand's bid to stage the Formula One race in 2015 might encounter some bumps from the very outset as there is mounting opposition from concerned agencies and communities to the proposed idea.

    The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), the Committee for Conservation and Development of Krung Rattanakosin and Old Towns, as well as community leaders within Rattanakosin Island where the race is proposed to take place, have expressed their disapproval to hosting an F1 race in the city.

    Concerns about the impact of the race, proposed to be held at night in March 2015, on ancient sites and significant landmarks abundant in the old town vicinity, including the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the Democracy Monument, the resultant noise pollution and heavy traffic have triggered negative reactions.

    The initiative to bid for an F1 circuit in the heart of Bangkok came from the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) and Red Bull, following a successful driving exhibition by F1 star Mark Webber of Red Bull on Rajdamnoen Avenue in 2010, which drew huge attention from audiences.

    A proposal to stage the F1 has been prepared since last year and according to SAT governor Kanokphand Chulakasem, this master plan is nearly complete for submission to the Cabinet, which will decide whether the Kingdom should host the US$225 million (Bt6.75 billion) event. Even if the government, which will have to shell out 60 per cent of the event budget, backs the idea, a final nod will still depend on the BMA and its governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra whether to permit the race on its territory.

    "I'm quite concerned about the idea, and disagree with using Rattanakosin Island areas for motor racing because I'm afraid there could be some impact on ancient sites due to the loud noise and vibration. We have to verify whether these sites on the routes would be affected by the race," said a key BMA official.

    Last week, BMA representatives from the Culture, Sports and Tourism Department, Traffic and Transportation Department and Department of City Planning were informed about the primary idea to host the F1 by the preparation committee. According to sources, the committee was asked to reconsider the race routes due to BMA regulations, orders and other laws, which restrict the use and the organisation of sporting events within and around Rattanakosin Island, which is a conservation area where motor racing is prohibited.

    Closure of roads will be inevitable to allow surface adjustments, the installation and construction of concrete barriers, fences, cables, pits, stands etc. That directly involves the Committee for Conservation and Development of Krung Rattanakosin and Old Towns as it is the unit that will have to authorise these constructions.

    "A detailed blueprint, along with the effects on the environment, must be submitted to us if any government agency has a plan to build or modify any routes or have any activities within the Rattanakosin areas," said Niramol Maneekum, the director of Cultural and Natural Heritage Protection Section Environmental Conservation of the Natural and Cultural Heritage Division, who is also a secretary of the committee.

    "As the Old City areas are protected under the Prime Minister's Office regulations and many cabinet resolutions, the private sector is ineligible to modify routes and stage activities for the F1 race within the Rattanakosin area," added Niramol, a member of the committee chaired by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education Phongthep Thepkanjana.

    The Rattanakosin inbound, surrounded by Chao Praya River and moats, features several significant historic places more than a hundred years old such as the Grand Palace, the Chakri Maha Prasat Throne Hall, Bowonnivet Vihara Temple, which are highly sensitive to vibration, according to Niramol.

    "So far, the government has been very strict on traffic congestion and reduction of vibration in the area. It is forbidden to construct a high-rise building or have a high billboard installed. The question is: "Is it appropriate to let this motor racing happen in the area?" asked Niramol, who also questioned if BMA would be responsible for consequences if this project was approved.

    Another committee member, Manit Siriwan, suggested that proof should be presented to guarantee there would be no impacts on the ancient sites and the Fine Arts Department, in charge of ancient places in Rattanakosin, should play a key role in deliberating this issue.

    Community people will be among those directly affected if Thailand is to host its first-ever F1 race. Preparation work will surely aggravate the already severe traffic situation in the Rattanakosin area caused by the construction of the Skytrain Blue Line.

    Not to mention a possible exposure to up to 147 decibels (dB) of a Formula-1 race car at full throttle driving by. An exposure to 85dB is already dangerous to human ears.

    -- The Nation 2013-05-27
  8. There are "BMA regulations, orders and other laws"? You'd never know driving in BKK... noise - I guess Singaporean ears a a lot tougher than the Thais. And everyone knows half of Monaco is deaf. Concerns about pollution?? Ummmmm... that's where we're getting into la-la land.

    None of these arguments make any sense whatsoever so I guess it's just the usual disagreement over which piggy gets to eat from which trough...
  9. ^ Yeah, nothing a little money can't sort out, TiT after all ;)
  10. I highly doubt this race will be a reality for a number of reasons. Here is the first big setback.........

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