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  1. Photo Bucket is Kaput for me, I was close to band width so removed hundreds of photos, still not working wanted generate the drop down menu for the codes nor will it post in singles anymore.
  2. Well I found one lets give this a try. Udon Bike Week Saturday Morning ride

    100_2593.jpg 100_2602.jpg US%20Bk%202.jpg
  3. Hmm One resized propery the others did'nt maybe the problem is waking up at 0230 maybe I should wait a while before I try this again

    So still open to suggestions
  4. Hi Ray

    I know what you mean.

    Have you considered just getting another photobucket account?

    I found I had the same problem, I ended up in self hosting, brought some server space and use it for hosting all sorts of stuff and developing websites too.

    Take a look at this site I am doing for myself right now I started off this bike image base as a typical photo album and soon found that I needed to show it better.

    This is now my bike album.

    I upload the images to here, take the image link from here and then paste it into the GT forum.

    If you want to consider something similar, let me know, maybe I could help you.

  5. Ray, for some reason known only to themselves, Photobucket changed their format so the URLs in the menus only appear when you pass the mouse pointer below the pic. I seem to remember another post about this and it can be fixed, or put back to the "old way" in the settings.


  6. Well I found another one, but I had really gotten used to Photo Bucket. What was happening when you pased over the photos the drop down menu would't show up.

    I also have Kodak easy Photo Share, maybe I can find an answer in thre but I doesn't see anthing yet for URL's to post on a forum

    Anyone know the trick to doing the setings in phtot bucket.

    Setting up my own may be the answer since there are getting to be 1000's of them.

    Everything is back ed up so I don't keep in my computer any longer then I need to.
  7. Interesting link options won't open either, all they have is check box other then that so I tried changing that nothing. I sent them an e-mail we will see what happens.


  8. This is waht I got back from Photo Bucket, the othre ite works tha I foudn but much harder to use. We will see what happens

    How do I control the linking codes that display in my album?
    You can control the codes that display in your album, and you can also choose to show the codes or hide them unless you move your mouse over them.

    Options page displays.
    1. Scroll to the Album Settings section.
    2. Click the Link options link.
    3. Choose the link options you want to display below your thumbnails. A checkmark indicates the code will display.
    4. Choose always or only on mouseover to define whether the link codes always show, or whether you must mouse-over a thumbnail to display the codes.
    5. Click the Save button to save your changes.
    See the Changing the Album Settings in Your Account tutorial for more information.
  9. Stiil couldnet get the link open so I wrote photobucket and they opened it for me now the display is always there. Darn good service I would say.

    This was the temporary service I used:

    It has a lot more bandwidth, maybe it was because I wasn't used to it yet but I found it difficult to use. I will keep it a a back up.

    But you know me I finely put a 8x 11 sign by the on off switch.

    I have to say I was happy with photobucket's response

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