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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by mikerust, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. mikerust

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  3. TonyBKK

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    Oh wow! That was just amazing! Absolutely amazing!

    Definitely worth passing in to each and every biker you know!

    TGIF! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

  4. Gary D

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    that fairly well explains it all.....
  5. harrythefinn

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    There is hope for us yet! Average age 81. Wonder what the GT Rider forum average is ? But then , does it really matter?
  6. BignTall

    BignTall Ol'Timer

    Absolutely delicious. A brilliant clip that paraphrases a lot about why we ride. I'm showing this to my father who at age 65 I taught him to ride a motorbike. I'm visiting him in the states now as he has had his third heart attack. This clip will fire him right up. Thanks for posting.
  7. Noel Akers

    Noel Akers Ol'Timer

    Someone very clever has captured " the essence " ........The Zen of Human Maintenance. Brillian stuff.
  8. Jurgen

    Jurgen Moderator

    Absolutely motivating, and happy to see that I have not yet reached the use by date age :)
  9. KZ

    KZ Ol'Timer

    Thanks! This clip brought tears to my eyes.
    Amazing. Brilliant. Essential.
    Even though we may get old and physically fragile, depressed over the loss of a wife or good friend - as long as we don't lose our spirit, our will to live, we can break out and do the almost impossible!
    A deep message, asking questions, giving answers, going straight to the facts of life. I've watched tons of 100-minute-movies where famous actors and directors were trying to achieve that; this korean TV commercial did a better job in 3:11 minutes.
    I had a few things planned for today but I'll get on my bike and ride instead!
  10. ronwebb

    ronwebb Ol'Timer

    Worth noting that this film, produced for TC Bank Taiwan, was shot by a Thai production house, Phenomena, and the post production was also done by a Thai company, Oriental Post. The Thais really have a way of pulling this sort of script off to tug the heart strings. As a consequence many international awards are won by Thai Ad agencies, production houses and directors, in fact more than any other Asian countries. Amazing Thailand.
  11. Jurgen

    Jurgen Moderator

    I have reposted it on my Facebook ... big success with friends, even not bikers. Driving a bike, just an example, in fact an attitude toward life. Thank you again for finding and sharing it. It's such a nice postcard to send to relations wondering what we are doing in Thailand :)
  12. KZ

    KZ Ol'Timer

    Even though I only own a 125 Wave at the moment I felt like riding after watching the video. Had to get off the island of Phuket, went direction Pha Nga. The weather was great and the scenery nice, so I kept going until I reached Ao Nang, close to Krabi. Had lunch close to the beach, checked out some other smaller beaches, took some photos and went back. Felt great to be on the road, haven't done that in a while. Since I sold my VTR ten months ago, to be exact.
    Keeping the needle close to 80 most of the time I rode a total of 390 km; started at 11AM and returned at 7PM. It was a good day!

    Attached files 265266=1095-krabi%20trip%2010j. 265266=1088-krabi%20trip%201j. 265266=1092-krabi%20trip%202j. 265266=1096-krabi%20trip%203j. 265266=1089-krabi%20trip%204j. 265266=1093-krabi%20trip%205j. 265266=1097-krabi%20trip%206j. 265266=1090-krabi%20trip%207j. 265266=1094-krabi%20trip%208j. 265266=1091-krabi%20trip%209j.
  13. KZ

    KZ Ol'Timer

    Could only upload 10 photos so here are the rest. They didn't upload in the numeric order but what the heck.

    Attached files 265267=1098-krabi%20trip%2011j. 265267=1101-krabi%20trip%2012j. 265267=1104-krabi%20trip%2013j. 265267=1099-krabi%20trip%2014j. 265267=1102-krabi%20trip%2015j. 265267=1105-krabi%20trip%2016j. 265267=1100-krabi%20trip%2017j. 265267=1103-krabi%20trip%2018j.
  14. Rhodie

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    Cracking vid that wonderfully encapsulates the brotherhood of biking.
    Saw this first from Pikey on a US Trumpet site.
  15. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    Awesome and thought provoking video , very motivating i shall bookmark it for when I feel depressed.
  16. nikster

    nikster Ol'Timer

    This is just sooo amazing!!

    I've forwarded this to everyone I know too.... of course it's not just about riding... it's about life. Riding a motorbike is not the only way to live - but it certainly is a good one!


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