Front wheel wobble

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  1. i feel this really needs addressing ,,I am an old biker who has moved to Thailand ,,I've only ever had old smashers and just bashed them till they died or give awaway.

    i was on my KLX yesterday and I had a front end wobble,,,,ordinarily I would have thought nothing of it,,,,,I have been up to my eyes in my house build and use the 250 to run up and down from the builders yard for Taps and electrical bits etc,,,and all the chaps on site like to use my bike to go the 8 Klms or so to get the house bits.

    yesterday I felt a wobble ,,,so I rides at 120 Km per hour to get my bits and rides back no problem,,,,,

    then I looks at GT rider at the open page,,,,,front end wobble....


    Ridiculouse I know to proper bikers ,,but to me a God send


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