fuel consumption comparo of six 250cc bikes

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  1. I am wondering why they did not compare with the ninja 250 ? The crf250 may have good fuel economy ....doesnt help much if it has parts breaking quite easily
  2. It will be a sad day if ever I have to choose a motorcycle based upon its fuel efficiency... :roll:
  3. Agreed. Light and nimble in a dual sport is a definite advantage, but would have great difficulty with sub-650cc on the street as my daily mount no matter the mileage. Almost every 650 and even modern 800's commonly get 55+ mpg anyway. Heck even my giant K1200LTC got 55 mpg on the Interstate. To drop way down to a little 250cc to eke out another 10-15 mpg is sacrificing a lot IMO. But to each his own I guess.
  4. You have it the wrong way around, Tony. The article is not about choosing a bike, it's about the fuel economy of 250cc bikes.

    If you are into big bikes which of course use more fuel that's fine, they sure have their advantages.

    But I wonder why you'd comment on a thread that is obviously for riders who are interested in 250cc bikes. :)
  5. That's impressive mileage for a 1200cc bike, I assume you went 100km/h to get that result. But the average of the CBR is not 10-15mpg better, it's 30mpg better.

    To drop the speed of a BMW way down to eek out a mileage that's not even close to a CBR is sacrificing a lot IMHO. :)

    Interesting that you mention a BMW, it reminds me of an interesting experiment I saw on Top Gear. Clarkson sent a Honda Prius and a 4.4L BMW M3 with more than 400hp ten times around the track; the Prius was doing top speed and the BMW was following at the same speed. Result: the big Beemer with a V8 used less gas than the Prius!

    So it depends a lot on how you ride/drive.

    Back to motorcycles, I don't think the CBR250 would use more than the K1200RS at top speed. Anybody owns both? Let's find out!
  6. I have owned 250cc bikes, and presently own a KLX250 bored out to 351. Sure it drinks more fuel with the extra 101cc, but it's well worth it to have a KLX that puts out nearly double the Hp of a standard 250.
    I guess I'm fortunate to not have to worry about how much gas my bikes drink. Is fuel economy the reason you still ride a 150?
  7. I don't worry about fuel prices, we're lucky here, compared to Europe or the US! How much is a gallon in the US now? Cigarettes are $8 a pack, not that I smoke, though.

    Frankly, if I'd win the lottery I wouldn't buy me a 100+ hp bike for half a million, or what they cost. I've had big bikes in the States and may have some again if I ever get back there, but here in Thailand I don't really see the point. I was very happy with my 25hp VTR250 and will get me another 250 when Honda offers the CRF250M.
    I don't want a big four-cylinder, even a CB400 would be too much for my taste. I want a small, light, nimble bike that I can park at the market without looking for a space big enough. Something I can use every day.
    That the CBRs or the CRFs get a real good mileage is just a bonus!
  8. Probably because they sell the 300 in the US.

    It's looking quite good if you consider the hp difference between the CBR and the Ninja.
  9. I hate this Gallon / Miles Shit. Litres and km, Boys, litre is the right name. It´s a 250cc and not a cubicinch whatever.
  10. Nope, that is a flat 120km/hr Interstate slog with the cruise control on. Those LT are very aerodynamic and the Motronic ECU very miserly with fuel when in closed loop O2 sensor mode. Prius are a joke on the highway, no torque and the fuel efficiency shows it big time.
  11. Litre? That's French, why would it be the right name? We're speaking English, right? I'd say liter is right! - Just kidding.

    The conversion of gallons to liters and miles to km is a pain in the butt but fortunately there are conversion sites where you just fill in a number and get your answer.

    It's amazing how long it takes for the government to agree and then enforce an international standard, and for the public to adjust. The conversion of PS to kW has been going on for decades, I still couldn't say how much 123 kW are. Even people who use liters and km have their different ways: km/L or L/km? Depends on what you want to know, how many km can you go on one liter or how much gas do you need for one km? Km/L make the most sense to me, if I know my bike needs 4L/100km and I want to go a distance of 250km it's easy to figure out how much gas I need and how much I pay for it.

    When I started this thread I wanted to hear from other 250cc bike owners of their experience, how much their bikes use and if the Cycle World test is realistic. It wasn't supposed to be about choosing a bike, comparing big bikes with small bikes or sacrificing anything.
  12. I get on average 130 km from my KLX from a full tank, last time I raced it I got under 100 km from a tank full.
  13. Used to get just over 300km a tank on my Ninjette 250 no mater how it was ridden, don't remember how much gas it carried. The KLX351 gets around ~160km/tank if ridden conservatively, maybe ~100km/tank if whacking it. Can't quite remember how much gas the aftermarket tank holds, and really don't care.
  14. Whoa, there must be something wrong - even my carbed Nouvo gets more than that from a 4L tank!

    A full KLX tank is 8 liters which should get you, according to the test, an average of 120 miles! Even if you race it there's no way you get only 100km from one fill.

    Either you fill it when it's still a third full or the tank has a hole in it.

    To find out how much my bike uses I fill the tank to the brim, ride 100km, fill it up again. If you do that several times you get the average.
  15. Satonic suffers from a rare genetic disorder that causes his right hand to twist backwards uncontrollably when he is on any two wheeled gas powered vehicle. I think the medical term is throttletwistitis and his prognosis is grim indeed. ;)
  16. He must be saying 130km avg. when he hits reserve. I think the KLX has a 2 liter reserve, so only 5.7 liters in the main. 130km from 5.7 liters is about 23km/liter which is probably about right if he rides it hard.
  17. That's a good point, in the test they rode only 60 miles and took the numbers from there. They didn't consider that a rider would get gas as soon as the reserve light comes on.

    They simply did average fuel consumption multiplied by tank capacity without thinking that nobody would ride the tank dry.

    Satonic wrote that he got under 100 km when he rode it hard - I don't think any Japanese 250 gets less than 100 km from a full tank (minus reserve) under any conditions. Something's wrong.

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