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  1. Is it my imagination are things really getting that much more expensive, just did 222 Klms cost to fuel up 425 Baht, That used to be 280.

    With a shrinking dollar and the fuel costs such as it is, really has put cramp on my ride plans.

    Anyone else noticing this or am I hallucinating again :roll:
  2. Your not pissing me off at all, but I paid 33 baht per liter for for 91 in Udon today. Which works out to 1.9 baht per klm.

    Which got my attention, that was at the Esso station down town.

    I'll be refueling in Khan Kean Saturday and see how that goes
  3. even at 33 baht a litre that is less than 1/2 UK price now £1.05 per litre in YUK about 70baht.
  4. Bad subject I'm moving along :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. My apologies I must have been having mind farts, this forum is not for that crap don't waht I was thinking.

    Sorry :oops:
  6. Yep, if I recall right, petrol was 15 baht/litre 6 years ago which means a 100% hike now. :cry:

    Still, even with inflation, I'd rather pay local prices, be on a local wage and EXPERIENCE local scenery, interactions e.t.c than swap it all for my past life in the UK!!! :lol:

    Cheers & enjoy,

  7. Well if you guys insist, yes that sounds about right six years ago, a tank of fuel was usually about 150 baht, Twas nice. I don't live on local wages, but I have lived here for five years and never compare costs to anywhere else.

    Not being the occasional visitor, what is happneing here is what effects me. So the cost of house or a motorcycle in the states means little to me.

    I hear it's goign down 40 satang tomorrow for that I'm grateful
  8. I just looked at some old receipts from 1998 when i ran a truck business here Diesel was 7 baht a litre and petrol was 8 baht a litre.
  9. Wow, imagine the baht at 56 to one and fuel costs like that.

    This all does bring to mind one of the biggest lies I have ever told, in California fuel is approaching a dollar a gallon. " If it hits a dollar I'm by buying a bicycle" :twisted:

    Wasn't much longer before you could only buy on odd and even days, I waited in line just like everyone else :roll:

    I guess what is really bothering me is that this could effect my trip to Mae Hong Son. May have to settle for some short overnighters in this area.

    It's not that I don't have it just concerned what is coming next with the economy issues, a definte disadvantage on living on a fixed income. Impossible to generate addtional income, for these kind of things.

    Again I'm a very forunate and realize that and can't work with the back injury. So being here and established makes all the difference in the world. But riding even if I can only do a little is my sanity. There are times that one day riding equals several day in bed recovering.

    I have never in my life found anyhting to match riding for getting your mind off problems. It literally at least in my case totally absorbs me. One of the few places in life where I always find peace. Even those feelings of anger that comes with a driver trying run me off the road, passes quickly.

    So no matter your riding style I think we are some of the luckiest people in the world to have this and are in the best place in the world to experience day after day.

    How many of us years ago when in the work world owned bikes only to get to use them when we had a weekend without pressing issues to to deal with. Today doesn't matter rain or shine I go, very different then before.

    All the years that I rode in the states only had one occassion to meet up with other riders and share the eperience. Here everyday someone is talking about it. I have managed to meet some really great people from all over the world, with the weekend rides that I put together from time to time.

    Riding is one of the true joys in living here on a full time basis.

    Slash I know your out there lurking :lol: what is the actual distance to Mae Hong Son from Udon? I was figuring about 2600 Klm round trip at these fuel costs that would put me at 7k before I even spent a day there.
  10. We wll be going to Chaing Rai first then over to the loop through Loie. I assume that is 1100 one way?
  11. Hey Ray, we could team up and start "The Whiners Club" - I've been whining about about the prices of bikes over here and you're complaining about the price of fuel!
    Just kidding, of course. But the gas IS getting kind of expensive...
  12. down to $90.00 a barrel I think I might get my wish I dont think yuor going to get yours :lol:

    I may be back on track for my trip that would be great

    2200 klms is much better then the 2600 I was thinking of.
  13. Anyone notice the increase in stray dogs ??? Neighbour of mine just threw out his dog because he'd rather have no dog than to do without petrol for his car when buying cigarettes in our village shop 300 meters from his house, another case of amazing T.i.T.......
  14. Wellt he trip this weekend worked a little better 1.79 per Klm :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I do get the impession that I am way off on milage so might to the area make it yet.
  16. Colin, Jerry, I had my first big hit of 2 strays when I was younger and dumber 20 years ago near to Pai, got skin and flesh stripped off my hands, trouser leg torn off, all ribs on the left side broken and the bike totally smashed. What happened to the dogs ? Nothing as always......they always appear out of nowhere, so riders not familiar with Thailand beware !!
  17. Well there is hope guys you can sale the buggers in Sukonakorn I hear you can get as much as 500 baht for a black one, Seem the absorb the energy from the sun and therefore give you power when you consume them.

    TT ( Tis Thailand) there is always going to be something unexpected out there.

    I almost got the back end of an elephant once in Udon City, now that is not something you run across everyday :roll:

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