Fundro at 'Baan Ricky' Sat/Sunday March 1718th Kanchanaburi

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  1. Funduro

    Baan Ricky Saturday, Sunday, 17&18th March

    A social gathering for Dirtbike ‘Petrolheads’.

    Make this a roll up on the day or pre-book to save your space.

    Eating & Drinking at our Restaurant ; Breakfast / Lunch / Evening meals / open as long as you need it

    Sleeping bring your own tent or sleeping bags, plenty of room / electric hook ups /
    hard standing and covered areas

    Pre-book accommodation at BR or near by using contact details

    Riding select MX or enduro / bring your own bike OR pre-book bikes for Mx track or Funduro

    Fundro Sunday ride to Pilok and back, schedule A is part off road, schedule B is road trip
    Maps, GPS points, food & drink stops will be issued on Saturday . Total distance will be maximum 200kms

    Arrive by Saturday morning, meet up with new friends, check out local points of interest, ride together using GPS points or take a road map from us

    Every night will be a party night


    [email protected] 0892194869

    [email protected] 0898884847

    ‘Baan Ricky’ ban sai yok yai 94kms North Kanchanaburi on 323
  2. Just Giving this thread a bump here with the schedule now as it is and a link to the event on Facebook..

    reposting the info as well

    o much lovely scenery and grand nature outside of Bangkok for someone with a passion for the road to miss up on this opportunity.

    The Ride will consist of riding, eating, swimming, waterfalls, hot springs and BBQ. Can it get much better?

    Everyone get to bring their own bikes and gear. Accommodation will consist of Bungalows and tents and its a perfect opportunity for you to bring your kids as there will be a lot of them and a perfect opportunity for camping and bbq, you all know how exciting that was when you were a kid yourself.

    What’s happening.

    Since we all have different hours and obligations when it comes to work and when we can get off so have we decided that starting location will be at Baan Ricky's place in Sai Yok Noi along road 323 north of kanchanaburi 10 pm saturaday morning 17th of march. Some are coming up on Friday 16th and staying there there over the night. There is one party going to Kanchanburi on the friday evening sleeping at Oriental Kwai Resort ( and riding the 1 hour ride to Baan Ricky on saturday morning. There are about 10 Beds available at Ricky's place and tons of space for a tent which is def recommended if you bring your small ones. If you want a hotel on the River Kwai Contact Ricky and he has good contact 3 min away from his place that is very nice and cheap.

    We know got a few ideas for what people want and decided to lay down a schedule.

    Sat 10 am:

    Departure from Baan Ricky heading towards Thong Pha pum damn where we will get on a floating restaurant with amazing seafood.

    After digesting the food so will the fun climb start with swirly mountain roads and amazing views on the way to Philok(Pilok) its estimated to take about one hour to climb, great place for a break and pictures.

    After the long road up so is it time to come down and the cortege will lead us back to baan ricky with one stop on the way at Pha Sawan Waterfall (Nam Tok Pha Sawan) its located in Srinagarindra National Park. Bring your Thai licenses to pay local entry fee's or ir 4 times as much so 200 baht per person. Not sure about kid fee's.

    After a nice climb and swim so is it back to Baan Ricky for a nice evening of BBQ, campfire, if you still want to swim so does he have some water as well ;)

    For the people who still have some energy so is very recommended to take a evening trip to Hindad Hot Spring and its located 20 min away on route to the border, it will usually be the best sleeping pill you ever tried. Make sure to bring thai Id here as well to get away with paying local prices.

    Sunday will be devoted for relaxing and todo whatever you want until lunch when we ride over to the river kwai and rent a raft, if you dont know so are the river rafts big enough to fit house one. We will then be pulled up the river and placed on the river bank and some more swimming and playing.

    AS it gets closer to the afternoon so will we get ready to ride our bikes back to bangkok and time will be decided then.

    For the people who dont own there own bikes so do we strongly suggest Bangkok Bikes Rental and Siam wheels as trusted and great to deal with.

    Ricky Gyles, Mike Frandsen & Michel Genetay welcomes you to this Bike Run from Baan Ricky
  3. nice post Michel,
    looks like there is some MEAT on the BONE
    hope to build on the feed back

    cheers alan

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