FZ1 No longer for sale due to lack of interest.

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  1. This bike no longer for sale as it appears there are no genuine buyers out there at the moment. Too nice a bike to keep reducing price. So I will continue to enjoy riding it.
    Thanks to those who contributed to the thread.

    Yamaha Fazer FZ1, bought by Jim from Yamaha Chiang Mai in late July 2008, and exchanged for my FJR last autumn.

  2. Hi John, sorry for that !!!! Yes many of us feel the squeeze when it's coming to FEX rates, past company I had a contract in Euro which in the end turned out to be of no plus or minus in averaging 7 years. Best is always to calculate in THB only, any savings abroad needed for future consumption I always waited for a good moment to transfer to LOS, any remmitances out, I did the same.
    In my opinion I would keep the R1200 as it is such a comfortable bike and totally reliable and also first hand = no other previous riders/abusers. I decided the same for the FJR. Yeah I know the R1200 would give you more funds, but once sold it's very costly to get one back, same as me with the F650, should never have sold that but will not make the same mistake with the FJR, I think you should do some thinking about the R1200 too....... :lol: .
    So, good luck in selling either of them, cheers, FR
  3. Thanks for your thoughts Franz. My problem with exchange rates is for evermore, as my pension income always will be the UK currency, now the English pound, and maybe one day the Euro. Savings left in the UK also in pounds and when is a good time to bring them over!!! 3 years ago!!
    Appreciate the BMW is a more sensible ongoing choice, although I know Jim treated the FZ1 well, most of its journeys were with me alongside on the FJR.
    Not sure about your Yamaha section comment, I thought this for sale was for all bikes. Cheers. J.
  4. John, took out the YAM section comment before u posted reply :lol: . For me Euro gained overall but this was offset by increased inflation and rising costs of living. Pound is in a steady decline, I personally think this will not change for the better soon.....rgds, fr
  5. Sorry for that, John.

    I really understand the pain in the heart it can be...

    I hope the coming future will be better for the UK Pound "dependents". Slipping from 74 Bahts to 48, it's "very heavy", and, though I'm not an expert, IMHO it's not a "normal" rate. Let's hope the next future will be better.

    But I guess that, after the actual page will have been turned, whatever you will keep from these two beauties, you will still be enjoying riding in LOS.

    Cheers and good luck, John.
  6. Well, I exchange in dollars and have experienced a similar hit. My only hope is that, as the baht gets stronger, the market for Thai exports will diminish to the point that the baht will have to be devalued causing an increase in the number of baht I'll receive for a dollar. Unfortunately, that could result in inflation on this end which would likely offset any gains I might get in the exchange rate. In any event, I regret not having the financial resources to afford either of your fine bikes which I would be proud to have in MY stable. Fortunately you can only ride one at a time :!:
  7. Hasn't the dollar gone from around 35 to 31 so only about a 10% decrease whereas the once mighty british pound has gone from 74 to 48 which is a decrease of over 30%. Nasty!
  8. Hi Guys, I appreciate your good wishes, and apologise for starting a discussion about the hazards of exchange rates and expat living.
    I had not intended to plead poverty and will certainly continue to enjoy my biking on whichever great machine on our lovely Thai roads. I just put the explanation in to show why I wished to sell a bike. While it is great to be an optimist, it is getting harder to be one relating to the UK's ongoing financial strength.

    Anyway Anyone like to buy a bike?? :D :D :D
  9. Good luck with the sale John. Sure it won't take long. Both bikes look mint.
    Does the Fazer have Galespeed wheels?
  10. Hi, NOAY, Thanks for good wishes. The Fazer has the original wheels, which are the same as the R1. On 2008 model, I believe a choice of Gold or Black colour.
  11. I feel your pain - and it's not over yet. One guy was selling his R 1200 C with a few thousand km on the clock for 495 k. Times are changing and selling just became that much harder as farang buyers face the very same FX issues :x

    The curve is terrible the first few years of bike ownership. Good luck!

  12. I appreciate the above Chris and I am willing to be a bit negotiatable on the prices I posted, but if there are no buyers at a reasonable price then I will hang on to the bikes for now and pull in the expense strings and see how things look in 12 months.
  13. Really? Where? That would be an extremely good deal except if the bike was damaged in some way. Too good to be true really... Ok so I guess the C isn't as popular as the GS but still...

    As for farangs the majority of BMW riders I've seen were Thai... Thais with money, obviously.

    Would love that GS, maybe in a few years.. ATM watching the USD slide towards 32...
  14. Some interesting comments but no real purchase inclinations voiced. I have edited the post removing the BMW; as I am now sure I will be keeping the BMW and so have reduced the FZ1 price to 450K Baht. I will leave it for sale for about a month and if no real interest will withdraw from sale until next year. No real hurry as I said in first posting.
  15. I will chime in with my tuppence worth. I bought the bike originally from Yamaha CM. I can assure you, contrary to Franzs rather impertinent comment about "no other previous riders/abusers" the bike has never been abused, dropped or in any way violated. It was always serviced by Yamaha has a full service history and was in immaculate condition. Probably even cleaner now since the rather anal Mr Gooding has had it. Sorry John but you are. It was run-in on Mineral oil as per the Yamaha manual and later changed to synthetic oil. Never had any problems and never missed a beat. The only reason I changed it was that I have a bad back and my joints aren't what they used to be so the FJR made sense. Only taking the piss Franz I know what you mean. Good luck with the sale John.
  16. Don't know where you are getting your numbers from but I get paid in USD so keep a good eye on it. When the GBP was 74 the USD used to hover around 44-45 and now down to 31 so a bit more than a 10% drop.
  17. Tubber no offence intended to be given or taken :smile1: , someone with such a nice range of bikes doesn't abuse them but in general terms it's always good to have a first hand one. My older ones have been abused but not by riders, mainly by Somchai the backyard 'would like to be mechanic'... :take-that: . Are you actually riding the XJR still or is it sitting idle somehwere in Nakorn Nowhere ???? Up for rides recently ?? Cheers, Franz
  18. Hi Guys, I seem to be successful in generating threads for guys to chat on, but not in generating interest in buying the bike. No worries, something to do following the chat.
    Purpose of post is to advise that I will be at Franz's party on Saturday 24th, still in Chiang Mai on the Sunday and then moving on to Nan and back to KK. I will bring the FZ1, so if anyone would like a look, or a testride, (maybe not once the party is in full swing, but next day) then you are welcome.
  19. I am now in Chiang Mai with this bike, so if any one wishes to have a look or a ride, please phone me on 0831501035.
    I intend to leave the bike up here in CM when I return to Khon Kaen on Tues am.
  20. I have reduced the price of the bike further, as economic situation changed for me and could do with an injection of funds.
    I will be in Chiang Mai from 17th June for 4 or so days if anyone wishes to take a look.
  21. Bike no longer for sale as no real purchase interest shown despite several price reductions.
    OK it would sell if price dropped 20K every week, but sorry, that is not going to happen.
    Thanks to those who responded to the thread
  22. Hi John,

    let the market find its equilibrium. I just had to offer painfully expensive incentives to get some apartments rented.

    The FZ1's value won't increase over time. I prefer to rip off a plaster stuck on my hairy arms than to do it lingeringly. There is a psychological thresh hold - have you tried 399,000 Baht yet? Good for you if you can afford to keep 2 lovely bikes!

    Ride on,
  23. Hi Chris,
    Appreciate your comments. Hard to tell what the market is doing at the moment as bigger bikes do not seem to be selling. Poor Euro and Pound exchange rates, very hot weather, some rain around and hopefully a lot more pending, political problems, etc etc. I understand the bike will not appreciate, but from what. Not so long ago 2008 FZ1 was going for mid 400's, so is this a permanent drop in the market, or just no buyers around. I will probably not keep running 2 big bikes, but with the high Km I have been doing, it would not be good to put it all on one bike. Lets see what happens when the winter months hit. Regards, John
  24. I think it is just the fact that there is a lot of supply out there still. Suzuki did not import anything to the US for 2010 and everything being sold as new is leftover '09 or even '08 stock. Most dealers here have warehouses full of bikes still unassembled and are willing to cut prices dramatically to move them. I know, I walked in there and had my pick of 4 '09 FZ1 still in boxes/crates a few weeks ago.

    Unfortunately, that is death to the used bike market as "why buy used when I can get new w/ warrantee for the same price"?. It will take time to clear out this overhang of inventory before things start to normalize. Great time to be a buyer of course if you have the cash. But still tough environment to find 400,000 BHT right now for a lot of people.
  25. What is the latest on that FTA which will lead to ever lower import duty on Japanese bikes?
    www.cycletrader.com tells a similar story for the U.S. Here you can grab a Kawasaki 1400 tourer with only a few years and few k miles on the clock for $ 3,400. Or a BMW R 1200 C starting at $ 2,995. A Harley V-Rod is advertised for $ 7,000 with just a few thousand miles, too.
    Once, I sold a bike by carrying paper and allowing some installments. Not sure you want to go there, John ;-)
    Hopefully, peak season will bring increased demand. *** The bigger picture looks ugly though. Lots of vacancies and a real estate crash. Yesterday, I rode around Pattaya and saw all these newish and unsold homes... Few Thais seem to think about fair market value. I know property owners with vacancies for y e a r s. And landlords who won't make concessions. (Half a month's rent free works for me in California).

    It's painful and brutal - and one day those bikes with import docs only may be history. Good luck, John!


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