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Discussion in 'New Members' started by XJR13turbo, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. XJR13turbo

    XJR13turbo Member

    Hi to all, I'm Victor and I'm new here to the forum, just thought I'd drop in and introduce myself...

    I'm a West Ozzy guy, have a house (that I hardly ever see) in Perth's northern beach area. I work up in the North West of Oz, but you know what they say, home is where the heart is and I now think of home as the home I have with my mrs in Phetchabun. Working on a plan to start a business in Thailand so can be there ever increasingly more, slowly thinning down all my "crap" here that I don't really need and getting all the "essentials" of my life (motorcycling stuff and some machinery) into a container so I can get more set up as I see myself eventually spending more of my life in Thailand.

    I'm a mechanic (on earthmoving equipment) and I've been a motorcyclist for 30 years, main thing I miss when I'm in Thailand is not having found the right bike to buy yet (has to be an XJR), have come close to buying a few but just didn't pan out yet. In Oz my main ride is this one below but I have three of them and loads of spares and custom bits:


    So when I find the right XJR to buy in Thailand to combine with the parts I have been bringing over in my luggage I'll be looking to get out riding more.

    Anyway hello to all and good to catch up with you...

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  3. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Hi there Victor & welcome to GT Rider from a fellow ex Perth-ite.

    That's a hot looking bike alright & the XJR1300 has got some real grunt.
    Mr Mechanic in Chiang Mai did have one for rent a while back, but I think they have moved it on.
    You could post a wanted to buy on the forum & see how you go.

    You've got some good rides around Phetchabun & Loei, right next door so you're going to have a lot of fun out there.

    When you come to Chiang Mai make sure you look us guys up via Euro Diner or the X-Centre in Chiang Mai.
  4. XJR13turbo

    XJR13turbo Member

    Hahaha, I can't get away from Perthites, the first ferang I met in Phetchabun was from here as well!

    Thanks for the compliment, I'll pass it on to "Roxy"... The later (injected) ones have even more grunt and better suspension and of course they stop well too... An awesome urban warrior.

    I like anything with two wheels and an engine but XJR's are the only bike for me although I also have this FJ1200 too but I don't ride it any more so it's up for sale.


    Yeh I keep my eyes open, I've seen and missed out on a couple of good candidates, a bit hard when you're not there and a bit difficult to know whether the advertised bike is a scam or not... Will post some wanted ads before I come next in August... With the spares/custom bits I have (some of which I have there in waiting) I'll find the right bike I know.

    I've not had the chance to see much yet (only been there six times in the past eight months), lots to see I know. First time I went up through the winding roads of Khao Kho I though mannnn, I've gotta get a bike and soon. I asked my mrs would she come on the back, I don't think she gets it yet (nothing like her scooter of course).

    Yes I will, I'm looking forward to meeting with some people I can actually talk with (learning thai is coming only slowly), I probably don't need to explain to anyone that stir-crazy isolated feeling of not being able to talk with anyone... Enough to say I'm looking forward to meeting some like-minded people.
  5. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Hi Victor, To get a Legal XJR1300 in Thailand may be quite difficult? Try Red Baron in BKK? And keep an eye on all the Forums Good Luck and See You when You get up to Chiang Mai.
  6. XJR13turbo

    XJR13turbo Member

    Thanks Ian, I've seen a few XJR's for sale with a legitimate green book so I don't think it'll be a problem, I just need to be patient to find the "right" one. Bit disappointed Yamaha don't seem to brink in new XJR's into Thailand but even if they did probably the price would be a bit ridiculous compared to the new price here in Oz that is only the equivalent of 410k bht.

    Siam Big Bikes had a really nice 2006 which was a Japanese domestic market import which has the 330mm front brakes (the rest of the world normally get the 298 front rotors), but it was sold before I flew into Bkk in March. Another one that came up in April this year when I was there would have been okay if the owner hadn't butchered it into a half done single seat cafe' racer (either do it properly or just leave it standard). Besides I want to keep it two-up capable... Another I seen on Baht and Sold was in Pattaya but I never found it until two days before I flew out of Thailand at the end of May. I'm sure the right one will come up and I have plenty of nice parts already stashed in my home in Phetchabun to add to whatever I find there that's even half way close to being a decent candidate but yes, it needs to be legal.

    Thanks for the tip on Red Baron, I'll make contact with them.

    Yes I will be coming to Chang Mai as soon as I get a bike there, need to find some like minded people to have some social contact with and am even considering a motorcy type of business to occupy myself over there. I'm not the "full bottle" yet on doing business legally over there but I'm doing my research and my mrs is an accounts/office administrator so I believe anything is possible. Just got to tie up some loose ends here over the next one year before a move to a more full-time life in Thailand.
  7. skybluestu

    skybluestu Ol'Timer

    These guys http://www.siambigbike.com/Bigbike_Product1.asp have a 2008 but looks like no green book so add another 70,000k or so for that.

    I also have an XJR1300SP, my fourth bike here in Thailand and very happy with it. I may move back to Europe early next year so it might be for sale in a few months, PM me if interested. It is a blue 2001 bike with 30,000kms on it, nothing when you consider they usually get over 150,000kms with just normal servicing! No major mods, it does have a titanium exhaust from a 2003 R1 and titanium headers too and also upgraded rear suspension to fully-adjustable Ohlins. No green book but it does have legit invoice and excise tax papers, had both checked by police and excise office and no problems, see police on a daily basis here in Chiang Rai and never fined or been stopped yet. In Phetchabun and surrounding areas you would be fine without a green book, maybe 1-2 200baht fines per year if you are unlucky. I'll be asking around 140,000baht for mine.

    Good Luck with the bike-hunt and the move.
  8. XJR13turbo

    XJR13turbo Member

    Thanks, yes I read your post about your XJR and it was one of the reasons I joined this forum...

    I recognize the exhaust on your bike, looks to me like is Moriwaki who are the only ones I know of who do titanium headers for XJR, I've seen them on them Japan based websites.

    I AM really interested in the idea of buying that bike from you, the price is acceptable and I have a full set of black bodywork to transform it into a sister ride for my Oz bikes. The time frame you outline is probably near perfect as I'm due to come back for my next trip into Thailand in August. I work two weeks on one week off here in North-West Oz, I am just actually going for a medical today for my next contract which is about to begin in earnest.

    So let's keep in touch please.
  9. skybluestu

    skybluestu Ol'Timer

    Sounds good, contact me when you next visit and we can hopefully arrange something. Just got Hi-Flo oil & air filters which will be done in the next few weeks when the oil is changed and a full service was done about 2 mnths ago so won't need much done for a while. Pirelli Angel St tyres have plenty left on them too, maybe another 10,000kms.
  10. schackster

    schackster Ol'Timer

    Hi Victor, welcome to the forum. Theres quite a few fellow Australian bikers here ( myself included ) . When you do next visit give some thought to coming up to Chiang Mai and renting a bike in the interim. You wont be disappointed, theres some amazing roads to explore and some amazing people to meet through GT-Rider. Just makes going back home that much harder..
  11. moose65

    moose65 Active Member

    i might be able to part with my xjr , 2002 model , complete stocker , green book ,etc!

  12. XJR13turbo

    XJR13turbo Member

    Yes it's funny, when I first went to Phetchabun the first ferang I met was from Perth.

    I'm now feeling confident WE will have arranged for my own bike to come to next time. Part of the matter has been getting off the plane in Bkk and then having to get my suitcases (usually stashed full of parts and other contraband) to Phetchabun and then being in the back-water with no bike hire place within cooey.

    Now I have a home plus a car there and I'm (kinda) set up so will have more time to get out and explore which I'm really looking forward to (just gotta get my mrs to let me off my leash). I've always been a bit of an explorer even of my own country and I'm sure Sout-East Asia in all of it's glory has much to offer. The hardest thing I find when I'm there is not yet having developed a social network, especially last time I was there for a few weeks I really noticed the lack of social interaction. And that's something I need to rectify.

    Yes I always find the plane trip back to Oz quite deflating but soon I'll be able to spend half the year there whilst still working half a year here so things are getting better all the time.
  13. skybluestu

    skybluestu Ol'Timer

    Hey Victor,

    Did I read that right, you are bringing in your own bike from Oz to Thailand? Mind sharing how as I'm sure there are a lot of folk on here who would like to do the same but without the cost and hassle of dealing with Thai customs! If you make it up north be sure to announce when and I'm sure a few people will meet you and show you some of the best roads.
  14. XJR13turbo

    XJR13turbo Member

    No I'm not bringing over any of the bikes I have here, I've learnt what an expensive mission that would be.

    Over several trips I have already brought lots of custom parts in my suitcase which eventually I'll be adding to a bike I buy over there.

    I will get there up to the North and when I do I'll be looking to meet some of the people from this forum.

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