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  1. Hey all. My name is Damien I'm 34 from England and have been living in Australia for the last 2.5 years. I'm a big fan of V-twins and Thumpers, although fall for pretty much anything with two wheels and an engine.

    I had to sell the love of my life when I moved to Australia, which I'm still missing more than family =) A sexy Suzuki SV1000S with curves in all the right places.... (one minutes silence). Anyway due to missing her like crazy I've been looking for a fix and stumbled upon this forum. It took about 5 minutes before I knew what had to be done. That’s right convince my new missus (who has never been on a bike before) to be a pillion passenger on our trip to Chiang Mai.

    Success! :thumbup: We’ll be arriving on Boxing day. I noticed that there is a charity run being organised for one of the local orphanages on Boxing day. As neither of us are doing anything for Christmas we’d love to be part of that and give something to those who need it. We may miss the ride out depending on what time you set off because our train arrives at 9.45am then we have to get to Mr Mechanic and hire a bike. But if somebody could give us the details that would be great.

    Can’t wait to get out there and maybe meet some of the people on this forum.

    Cheers Damien & Yolanda

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  2. Thanks for your interest in the charity event sponsored by Chiang Mai ToyRide. I think you would be fairly hard pressed to make the event with your time of arrival. We haven't yet confirmed the exact time with the school, but we usually leave Chiang Mai around 10:00AM or so, and plan a lunchtime arrival at the schools. This one is about 60kms from town and these give away events usually only last a couple of hours.

    We will update information at http://chiangmaitoyride.com/?cat=5 as it is confirmed.

    I am sure you, AND your wife will enjoy your visit to Chiang Mai. It is great area for motorcycle riding and the right time of year. Just back from a ride and the weather couldn't have been better.
  3. Hey Damien,

    Which part of Aus are you currently holed up in???

    I'm in Sydney, working too hard and riding too little... happy to catch up and provide what advice and information you need to ensure your trip is successful...

  4. Cheers Silverhawk we'll keep an eye on the details before we leave.
  5. I'm living in Brisbane, same situation with work and riding. Thanks for your offer of help. We've only got 5 days in Chiang Mai before heading on, so we'll need to have some kind of plan to fit in as much as possible.

    The main attractions we want to fit in are the Tiger temple (2-3 hours) , Wat Prathat Doi Suthep, one of the elephant camps, Mae Sa waterfalls, bungee jump (maybe do a 2 hour off road motorcycle trip at the x-centre if it's any good) and the Long neck hill tribes. I need to plot them all down on a map to see where they are in relation to each other.

    Riding wise we want to do the Samoeng/Mae Wang loop, Phrao-Wiang Pa Pao loop and finish off with the Mae Hong Son Loop. Although I'm up for suggestions if you think we're missing better rides somewhere else =)
  6. Seems like you have more than done your research... nothing much more I could add...

    If you were just there for the riding I would tell you to head out to Nan, but since it seems like you also want to see a few of the other attractions, you seem pretty well sorted...


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