Getting a bike sooon!

Discussion in 'New Members' started by jsbkk, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    I bumped into this website a few years ago, and since then, I have been following-up with all the threads and discussions. It’s a pleasure to read and I must thank all who have contributed to the vast amount of knowledge and great stories on this forum.

    Yes, I’ve been lurking around but didn’t introduce myself mainly for two reasons. First being - not owning a bike (was learning so much, didn’t know what to say! he he) and the second being an expat of Indian origin. I think I am the first one of my kind but what the hell, I had to break the ice some day!

    For the first reason , I can say - life has changed, things have settled, have some spare money and it’s time to get a bike! :mrgreen: I am close to 50 and can’t wait to tour the countryside before I run out of time. Back home have ridden bikes for 10-12 years with small 250s and 350s.

    Had rented a Versys here for a couple of days and enjoyed but I feel its too big as a beginner bike for my teenage sons. Called up Kawa for the new ninja 250 … waiting time is 4months :sad1::!

    Nah!! Cant wait that long… n not sure what to do..

    shall keep u guys posted …

  2. Welcome to the forum Sam and you say, there is loads of information on this site.
    FYI, the Versys also now has a delivery wait of about four months also according to Kawasaki CNX.
    If you want one I have one 4 sale......

    Actually if you want a smaller bike, the Honda CRF250L is huge fun and good value. I got one last week and am off to Laos next week with it, so will see what I think about it after that!
  3. Thanks for your offer. Thats a lovely bike with a lot of goodies. Am surprised you still havent found any buyers. For me, as i mentioned before, the bike is too big for beginnners. Both the CRF and the KLX are on my radar and both would be ideal first candidates for the fleet i dream to own. Its a tough choice between the two.

    Have a safe trip to laos and do let us know how it goes.

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