Getting a book + plate from invoice

Mar 11, 2008
Sorry of this has been covered before, kinda thought it would be but didnt find it.

Whats the process to legitimize a bike with only tax paid invoices ?? And does it fully 100% legally legitimize it ??

Down on phuket theres no chance of driving around plateless.. I have just found a 400 I am interested in thats invoice only, seller claims that to legalize the bike its about 1000 baht per cc so 40k on the bike.

Whats the process to legalize ??
Is it a clear system or is it a grey area haggle with Tea money ??

The bike is up in BKK so considering just sending the seller along to Red Baron and asking them if they can do it and at what cost ?? Seems like the 'farang safe' way ??
Mar 11, 2008
OK I messed the numbers.. :roll:

100 baht per cc.. or 10k per 100cc..

But am more interested in the process..


Dec 13, 2007
Well this thread is going to run a while I fear.

I am a gray bike owner and therefor concerned at the apparent change of attitude within Thailand and more especially by our finest.

Having trawled the Thai based net for any posts and articles on this, I am no further informed about certainty, or in anyway comforted by the tales of woe I have read.

I have spoken with (through interpreter) with Nong Hoi Land Transport Dept (LTD) who say the same as most who speak with you around the various bike shops ..."you will need to take it to bkk, pay 50k for 1100cc engine and 30k for emissions test" .

The LTD guy was really handy with the black stuff and said that invoices for all items on the bike would be required, if the bike was imported as parts, as well as the familiar story of the 30k being repeatable until passed and without guarantees of success. The bit about invoices for everything is a fabulous scaremonger statement but how true is it?

He also said that if you were able to know an important person in bkk LTD it would go easier for you.

I have spent 3 months periodically looking for info on this subject but now I am searching in earnest for any comment or item of info, in order to piece together the future for my bike appearing on a city road in Thailand.

I am sure there are many readers of this thread that will feel like posting replies like so many I have read before "... told you so" "...that's why I say never touch a bike without a book" etc etc but the reality is that either for financial reasons or the fact that until sometime soon, larger cruisers are not easily available here, some folks have taken a risk.

So the reason for the last paragraph? - Please keep this thread positive and stepping forward, rather than negative and closed.

Thanks for reading & good luck.

Sep 19, 2006
Forget the Homologation or Emissions Test ( Been there Done That!!!) Biggest Bunch of Lazy Crooks i ever Meet :evil: If it is so easy Get the Seller to do it for you. 400cc Bike will cost you about 40.000 Baht for a Grey Plate which technically is Illegal but if you plan on keeping the Bike yourself it works. A New Plate without any Engine / Frame Number changes will cost about 60.000 Baht, This one is Legal. As mentioned somewhere before, now that Thailand actually has some Big Bikes being Sold by Big Companies they will be Putting Pressure on the Government to Stop the Grey Importers from taking as they see it Their Customers!!! So do not even consider Buying a Bike without a Plate. It will only Get worse for Grey imports and Non-Plated Bikes until eventually there will be none, the Question is How long it will take to happen :wink: The Police in Phuket were confiscating Bikes 8 years ago so the rest of the country is a little behind.
May 25, 2006
Hi Friends,

I think we have to admitt that the big bike market is get structured and those who want to stay in the "Grey" have to forget it.

Completly in line with Ian, controls will threnten to support the official business, nothing surprising and we can hope (hope only) the market will become fluid with bikes sold at it's true value.