Giant Loop Coyote Saddle Bag

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  1. Received my Giant Loop Coyote Saddle Bag today. Wow its bigger than I thought. Very practical though. Only stuffed it with pillows and covers just to give it some shape and to give it a quick test on the bike for fitment. It slips over both bikes quite easily and forms a hugging shape around the seat and side panels, even on the WR with the rack fitted. It will no doubt fit better once I draw it into position with the straps.
    The forward position I have it mounted on the WR was to test and see if I could retain the rack and keep the weight central on the bike hopefully retaining some of the handling and not loading up the rear suspension too much. I tried sitting on the bike with it in this position and it felt very comfortable behind me, like falling into an arm chair. Ill probably move it rearwards a few inches just to give me more room, but as you can see it still gives me just about full use of the rack if need be.











  2. Looks awesome Johnny! So, with all that storage and your new water filter you must be planning an epic ride!
  3. Hey Tony, definitely building up to something big, not sure what it is yet, a tale for the Great Grand Children hopefully....."Long way Around"!?!
  4. +1
    on the Coyotes being great for offroading. I've been using one for a couple years over here and its been bomber and has never come off.

    Despite some fun abuse

    I like the safety Yellow color Johnny got. I reckon the cars can see it easy sliding down the pavement eh?
  5. Umm.... Yes one day of use and I have to patch repair it already. The high price tag is paying off already!!!
    I suppose it's not designed for skidding down Tarmac at 90km/h :crazy:
  6. Here's the damage, not bad considering.

  7. 12,600 Baht? OUCH!!
    Okay, I'm a 'kineow' farang, yet want a heavy duty & waterproof bag for my bike gear, as well as for use with my infrequent diving (SCUBA) trips. I have two bright yellow bags, from Ocean Pack, a 15 and a 30 liter bag. I use the 15L most often and 30L for extended trips, yet seldom need the latter's full capacity. The Coyote Saddle bag also carries 30L.

    As the Ocean Pack bag on the rear rack doesn't extend much beyond the side of the bike, it had never taken a hit from a fall...and I've had lots of falls. Never a torn bag or damaged gear!
    The bags are made in Thailand and available at most sporting goods shops.
    Cost? The 15L and 30L are about 600 and 800-Baht, respectively, plus another 50-Baht for bunji cords to attach it to the rack.

    My bike (left) loaded with the 30L bag...I didn't need all it's capacity:


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