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  1. Has anyone used GPRS internet in Laos

    It appears ETL and Tigo offer this product, but not much info on their websites re price, terms etc

    Wondering if its now possible to visit Laos for a few weeks with Laptop and GPRS phone , buy some sort of prepaid internet card, and have own internet access throughout the mobile network ?
  2. I've used GPRS in Laos. If you have plenty of time and money go for it. Realistically you're better off using internet cafes.

  3. In all the larger places there are Internet cafe's and most of them high high speed connections and are quite cheap. Paid yesterday 200 Kip per minute in Phonsavan (Xiengkhuang) but in Vientiane the price ranges from 100-150 Kip per minute (1 USD is about 9600 Kip). Shop around a bit as some places seem to have quite a few of the younger generation playing computer games so it can be noisy.
  4. I used Tigo for GPRS on my phone when I was in Laos a couple of weeks ago. It works perfect. The sim card was a prepaid one. Simply call them, tell them your phone model, and they will then send you a message with the configuration settings to your phone. Save them as the default, and the next thing you know you are reading email on your phone while watching the sun set at Bor Pen Nyang....Cost is very reasonable.
  5. So, just to measure perfect....

    If I ran a laptop through a decent GPRS phone using Tigo in Laos, could I
    a.) upload a trip report to GT-rider
    b.) upload a trip report with pictures to GT-rider

    I'm guessing something around 5-10 kbps upload speed would be enough so as not to take all day.

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