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    Online GTR Shirts

    Celebrating GTR longevity & pioneer riding in ASEAN

    Available online via Teechip here: ASEAN Pioneer Rider


    A stylized GTR logo Tshirt
    Available online direct from Teechip: GTRider Logo Tshirt


    GTR Concerned about the environment & the number of dams being built on the Mekong?
    Get a Trees Not Dams T-shirt
    Ride the Mekong & be proud to wear one of these.


    Available online direct from Teechip: GTR Trees Not Dams
  2. A new GTR T-shirt......the Mae Hong Son Loop......legendary...


    Small GT Rider logo on the front front
    The legendary Mae Hong Son Loop on the back

    400 baht each.
    For sale at Mr Mechanic.

    Contact Miss Yui for stock info.
  3. Another new GTR T-shirt......the Golden Triangle Loop......legendary...



    400 baht each.
    For sale at Mr Mechanic.

    Contact Miss Yui for stock info.
  4. Miss Ying at Mr Mechanic is the gal to contact about shirts in Chiang Mai.
    Som Ying


    she has a limited amount of old stock.

    The New ASEAN Pioneer T-shirt is only available via Teechip
    ASEAN Pioneer Rider

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  5. We have a few 2016 GTR MHS Memorial Ride T-shirts left

    2 x Size M
    5 x Size XXL
    400 baht each.
    Please contact Ms Ying at Mr Mechanic
    Som Ying

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    We have a GTR M-X type jersey coming up

    The design is being tweaked once more.

    We need a minimum order of 20 shirts.
    The price will be 950 baht pr shirt.
    Payment is needed in advance.

    To pick a size please see the chart below
  7. The final design

    The price 950 baht.

    The sizes to order


    Mail order in Thailand EMS Post Free.

  8. Bump for guys who expressed an interest in a GTR Mx type jersey.
    We need to order a minimum of 20 & am still short.
    If you order in advance you can select the exact size you want from here

  9. The GTR Jersey shirt order in is & they should be here in 2 weeks
    Thank you all the guys who ordered.+
    It is much appreciated.
  10. Hi David,
    I’ve only just seen this post about the MX shirts.
    Is it too late to order one, or are they now generally available from you?
    I’ll be in CM in Nov.
    Hope to see you.
  11. This was a one off batch order, where we had to pre order the sizes.
    There maybe a 2nd batch done with a different design, once we get some feedback from the first batch.
    Meanwhile Ms Ying at Mr Mechanic has some GTR T-shirts in different colours & sizes that you may want to check out when you are in town.
  12. Thanks David. Much appreciated. I just bought several of the SEA GTR shirt for the trip with my pals in Dec too.
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  13. Good man. Thanks for the support. Much appreciated.
  14. Aha as luck would have it the new shirts were delivered today & there's been a mistake with the sizing.
    The XL & XXL sizes are actually L & XL.
    So if you think you are an L or XL

    then I have a shirt for you.
  15. Hi David,
    That's great for me, but a bummer for the guys who pre-ordered!
    I would be a size L, and I would love one please.
    I can pay directly via Paypal if that works for you, or any other method you prefer.
    I could easily pick it up when I come to CM end of Nov. too.
    Many thanks.
  16. Sent you a PM.
    Please check.
  17. Hi David I was wondering if these riding jerseys are still available and if so can I purchase when in Chiang Mai in a couple of weeks. Cheers.
  18. Yes we have a few L size only left, sad to say.
  19. Thanks Davidfl where in Chiang Mai can get these.

  20. gtr-jersey-final-.

    6 shirts marked size XL but actually L size are for sale at Mr Mechanic.
  21. The new correct sizes have now been received
    For the guys who pre-ordered, your shirts will be delivered in the next couple of days.
    Many thanks.

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