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    Grey with dark blue collar.

    Light grey with light blue collar Small S size only for females.

    Size XXXL. Chest width 70 cms. Length 80 cms. 400baht.

    Size XXL. Chest width 65 cms. Length 77 cms. 400 baht.

    Size XL. Chest width 60 cms. Length 71 cms. 400 baht.

    Size M. Chest width 56 cms. Length 67 cms. ( I think the M size should really be called L) 400 baht.

    Size S. Chest width 44 cms. Length 62 cms. Small Thai female size. 400 baht.

    To get the right size & fit, measure the chest width of your "fave best fit" T-shirt & go from there.

    In Chiang Mai available from Mr(s) Mechanic & Miss Yui (get measured up by the two lovelies?)


    Outside of Chiang Mai PM to order EMS post free inside Thailand.

    Outside Thailand: Registered Airmail
    1 Shirt = Shirt Cost + 380 baht postage
    2 Shirts = Shirts Cost + 765 baht postage
    3 Shirts = Shirts Cost + 975 baht postage
  2. Polo Shirts



  3. Pesky GT Riders get everywhere! Oo-err, what's that in the background? Bloody sand gets everywhere...... glad I'll be home in Chiang Mai soon! :smile1:

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  4. A new GTR T-shirt......the Mae Hong Son Loop......legendary...


    Small GT Rider logo on the front front
    The legendary Mae Hong Son Loop on the back

    400 baht each.
    For sale at Mr Mechanic.

    Contact Miss Yui for stock info.
  5. Another new GTR T-shirt......the Golden Triangle Loop......legendary...



    400 baht each.
    For sale at Mr Mechanic.

    Contact Miss Yui for stock info.
  6. For guys overseas wanting mail order.........Ouch......

    Outside Thailand: Registered Airmail
    1 Shirt = Shirt Cost + 380 baht postage
    2 Shirts = Shirts Cost + 765 baht postage
    3 Shirts = Shirts Cost + 975 baht postage
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    We are moving to online T-Shirt sales.

    The GT Rider Pioneer T-shirt

    celebrating GTR longevity & pioneer riding in ASEAN
    Available online via Teechip here
    ASEAN Pioneer Rider

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  8. Good stuff.. I will get one next time in CNX.
    Pleased to say.. Have ridden a bike in every country with a flag on the shirt..
  9. I saw that online form, don't like it.
    I rather order direct from you David, paypal as usual. Let me know.
  10. Brian & Goran
    Sorry, but these are only available through the online purchase at Teechip.
    ASEAN Pioneer Rider
    I'm not carrying any stock in Chiang Mai this way.
  11. Miss Ying at Mr Mechanic is the gal to contact about shirts in Chiang Mai.
    Som Ying


    she has a limited amount of old stock.

    The New ASEAN Pioneer T-shirt is only available via Teechip
    ASEAN Pioneer Rider

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  12. I will just grab one from Mr Mechanic next time up that way..
  13. Another new GTR T-Shirt
    available from Teechip
    The GTRider Logo Tshirt

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  14. We have a few 2016 GTR MHS Memorial Ride T-shirts left

    2 x Size M
    5 x Size XXL
    400 baht each.
    Please contact Ms Ying at Mr Mechanic
    Som Ying

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  15. GTR Concerned about the environment & the number of dams being built on the Mekong?
    Get a Trees Not Dams T-shirt
    Ride the Mekong & be proud to wear one of these.

    available online via Teechip
    GTR Trees Not Dams

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    We have a GTR M-X type jersey coming up

    The design is being tweaked once more.

    We need a minimum order of 20 shirts.
    The price will be 950 baht pr shirt.
    Payment is needed in advance.

    To pick a size please see the chart below
  17. The final design

    The price 950 baht.

    The sizes to order


    Mail order in Thailand EMS Post Free.

  18. Bump for guys who expressed an interest in a GTR Mx type jersey.
    We need to order a minimum of 20 & am still short.
    If you order in advance you can select the exact size you want from here

  19. The GTR Jersey shirt order in is & they should be here in 2 weeks
    Thank you all the guys who ordered.+
    It is much appreciated.

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