GT Rider Up Country Dinner # 45- Ngao - March - Postponed.


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
GT Rider Up Country Dinner # 45- Ngao - TBC - March 2024


Trying to get these going again, if there's positive feedback & attendance.
I've been too busy of late with several projects going that I've been unable to commit to an event this month.
However, I reckon I should be in the clear next month - March - Poi Sang Long Festivals depending.

I once surveyed in Ngao with Dave DKT a couple of years ago, looking for places but we came up blank.
But I can see there's a couple of new places that have opened up that are close by, that should do the trick.

One special option for this event I also thought would be interesting is to set up is an old cowboy movie showing at the retro film museum a few kms up the road, that could be mid-afternoon, just for a laugh.


It can be done, but I need to check & confirm with the film museum owner.
The movie would be a black & white film, silent with a voice over from the operator.

I also need to check & confirm the new venues I've seen will still be operating, & that the new hotel is all go.
Once I come back safely from Luang Prabang.

Ngao city is here
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