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  1. hi

    im new here and was hoping to get some local advice on a reputable enduro tour/guide.

    me my brother and a friend is looking our first 8-12 day tour in Chang Mai area, so far we narrowed it down to three or four tour providers.

    in no particular order we found i understand that HC contracts through Siam

    we are looking for a tour that has mainly single track riding deep in the jungle.
    is anyone familiar with these tours? or could recommend one over the other?

    thanks for your time and appreciate you sharing your knowledge
  2. Your choice should only be between
    Siam Enuduro or
    Thai Enduro

    both run by local expats who have been here for many years, have families and houses here plus know the scene extremely well, with no BS.

    Walter with Siam Enduro rode with me to China from Chiang Mai 15 years ago & was one of the first guys doing legal motorcycle tours here.
    Wolfgang with Thai Enduro was one of the very first website people in North Thailand & started AsiaPlus

    All the other guys are relatively newbies & none have the pedigree that Walter or Wolfgang have.
  3. thanks for the reply!

    anyone have more to add? always nice to have peoples experiences/opinions in the reign you know very little about
  4. What is Marc Rossi's tour company called?
  5. Marc Rossi you here? lets talk about an enduro/offroad trip
  6. roadx, you are best contacting mark rossi through his website as he does not visit the board often.

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