Happy New Year from Luang Phabang

Mar 15, 2003
Happy New Year to all and hope you had a good Christmas. Currently in LPB and it is jammed with tourists. I have only seen one other big bike though and that was a local.

They are having quite a few festivities tonight. All, or all that I know of, the guesthouses are full. Most have raised the price to ridiculous amounts. People are walking around with guide books in hand, going from place to place trying to find a room. Tour busses and vans are lined up and down the street. Still looks like a good time tonight and something different from CNX.

Came over at Pakxan and continued on with nights in Vientiane, Vang Vieng and Ponsovahn. I will do a report when I get back in about a week.

Have a great holiday and ride safe.


Oct 29, 2006
Am, so envious! am stuck in un adventurous kuala lumpur... some friends of mine were married on Xmas Day. lao style. I missed it. sigh.

Have fun, dave!

Check out the Ban Sabai resort or The Riverside Bungalows. I enjoyed them both.