Harley-davidson To Open A Thailand Assembly Plant.


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Harley-Davidson has shown interest to open an assembly plant in the Asean region, possibly Thailand, in order to push up its sale target in five years, according to Mr Ken Svenson, general manager of Power Station Motor Sports, the importer and distributor of the famous American motorcycles in Thailand.
It is expected that the starting price of a Harley-Davidson big bike which now stands at 630,000 baht due to import tax of between 90-100 percent may be reduced to 250,000-300,000 baht if an assembly plant is set up in Thailand, he said.

Throughout last year, the company sold altogether 390 units and the target for this year has been set at 450 units.

The company has invested about 100 million baht to open up a showroom or flagship store as well as service centre on a 4,000 square metre plot of land on Rama IX road. It will be the biggest showroom for Harley-Davidson motorbikes in Thailand.

Also, Mr Svenson said the company planned to open a branch office this year and four more within four years to cater to the demand of buyers.

As for this year, eight new models will be introduced to the Thai market under “Rushmore” project. These include Road King, Street Glide, Special, Electra Glide Ultra Classic, Ultra Limited, Tri Glide Ultra and CVO Road King.

Source: Thai PBS English News - The Broadcaster You Can Trust
Sep 19, 2006
That's an Old Report David! Since then Harley Davidson International have Built a Regional Head Office in Bangkok and taken over Control from Power Station. They are Merely a Dealer now and there is other Dealers opened around the Country! The Latest News is:
Iconic Harley-Davidson is building plant in Thailand
Harley-Davidson building factory in Thailand
The Factory will be finished end of Next Year 2018. Completely Knocked Down Units meaning the Bikes are still Built in the USA only assembled here for Supply around the Local region. Won't affect USA Production or Jobs. If anything it would create more so not sure why all the Bleating from Unions and everyone else is on about! It will also make them eligible for a Tax Cut due to local assembly the same as Triumph, Ducati and BMW have done already. In Their cases an 800cc Motorcycle saw a drop of around 200.000 Baht! Great News so again in one of the links above some Rich Bike Collector is Complaining about the Prices dropping will Hurt the Value of the Bikes!!! Bollocks! Would You prefer to Pay More for a Bike or Less??? Common sense! And Equally Dealers around the Region are now in Damage Control trying to Convince potential Buyers that it won't happen and Prices won't come down etc etc! Obviously if someone was going to Pay Big Money the thought of Waiting a Year or two and get the Latest Model at a better Price is an attractive though!!! All remains to be seen. My View is Yes, The Factory will Definitely be Built! Yes, Prices will Definitely Drop! What is the Unknown is Which models will be built here? Possibly only the Sportster Range? Hopefully some Dynas etc but We will have to wait and See! Again Good News for Consumers! Spoiled for Choice now Days!
May 25, 2006
Hi Friends,

We are now in October 2019 and does anyone has some information about the opening of this famous plant ?

Keep the power on.
May 25, 2006
Been operating and Delivering Bikes for a long time already? Did You not notice a Considerable Price Drop in all the Sportster and Softail Models?
Hi Ian, hi Friends,

Thanks for your answer.
In fact not, I did not notice any price drop in Thailand for HD, good that the plant is already running, maybe Harley Davidson does not make too much noise about that as it could downgrade their American Legend image and make angry the US unions ...

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Oct 17, 2006
My mate joe bought his wife a new 2019 triumph bonnelville in Worthing a couple of months ago to replace her Motoguzzi 750 ,for their 30th wedding aniversary , she rode the Bonny900 proudly for 3 weeks proclaiming its lovely British engineering and looks until my mate Pete pointed out the MADE IN THAILAND sticker ha ha ,, now she has sold the bike in disgust ,, and is back riding the Guzzi as it is made in Italy ,, ''silly girl '',, her hubby Joe is larfing his head off and getting NO sex ha ha he rides an old Norton an HD and a Goldwing .