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  1. I'm Erik, just arrived in Bangkok a couple months ago. I'll be living here for 3 years. Looking forward to riding through Thailand and hopefully into a few of the neighbors, as well. I previously lived in Saigon, Vietnam from 2010-2012 and put several thousand miles on a couple different bikes; the weekender was a Harley Davidson Softail. I got a new Harley Softail Slim and moved to El Salvador where I clocked several thousand miles between El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Then I stored the bike because I moved to Nigeria for two years and figured I wouldn't have much need or desire to ride there. I was right.

    Now I have another bike, a 2016 Street Glide and I'm hoping to wear it out here. Hopefully it will be clearing customs sometime this week. Looking forward to it.

    (I'd post a pic of the current bike but I don't have a hosting service)
  2. Hi Erik, nice to hear from you and welcome to the Land of Smiles...

    You can post photos directly onto this site - no need for a hosting service! :)

    Use the "Upload a File" option, and then the "Insert Full Size Image/s"
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    Well how about that?


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