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  1. Ozjourno

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    I recently bought an LS2 helmet. It is a full face, with a flip up front (a la BMW). It is certified, very comfortable and easy to wear on a long ride with just one exception.
    The wind noise at anything over about 80kph is extraordinary. After a 50klm run at speeds averaging 80klm, but with some stretches up to 140kph, I have diminished hearing similar to that experienced after using an electric circular saw for some hours, without hearing protection.

    I have tried ear plugs, but the snug fit of the helmet, means plugs are downright painful to wear.

    Are all flip-up helmets noisy or is it just mine? If anyone has had a similar experience, please give me some advice on how to stop the noise. The helmet was reasonably expensive and I would rather not buy another. Something I must do unless I can solve the noise problem.

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  3. David Learmonth

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    I am on my second Caburg "flip up" - some wind noise but I always use ear defenders. I have no idea what is available in Thailand by way of ear defenders because a friend of mine in the UK keeps me supplied with my favourite brand. Can only suggest you see what is available & use a defender that doesn't hurt your ears.
  4. Ozjourno

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    Good thinking Batman...I'l give it a shot.
  5. daewoo

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    There are good and bad foam earplugs...

    I have found these ones to be mostly useless...


    They are only usable a couple of times and then won't compress enough to push in, and don't expand enough to do their job properly...

    I use these ones...


    I can use them for months at a time, until the ear mustard build up becomes to much... lick them a little to ensure they slide in nicely... can even hear my music (through Intercom) through them...

    Most of the serious guys use these moulded ones...


    but they cost proper money...

    Don't see how even the most snug fitting helmet would make the foam plugs I use uncomfortable... there is no exposed part to be pushed on by the helmet...

  6. brucegsrider

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    Hopefully not telling anyone how to suck eggs BUT, I found the green ones bought in pharmacies in Thailand to work quite well. The trick with all foam plugs is to get them in properly and far enough. Someone told me a while back to not just squeeze them and try to stick them in your ear but to pull your ear back at a 45deg angle towards the back of your head when you put them in. They go in easier as I think it makes your ear canal straighter. Works for me.

    Got two sets of molded plugs done at a bike show, one with a tube based headphone cable and one without. Found them uncomfortable after a few hours riding. Given the embarrassing cost, it was a very expensive lesson to learn.

    You need to trash and replace them periodically as bacterial build up can give you ear infections.

    Have tried for the life of me to adjust the visors on my helmets to reduce wind noise by adjusting the screws to reposition and closing the visor with a small slip of paper jammed in to see if the paper moves freely (indicating a bad seal) or has some friction indicating a good seal.
  7. Silverliner

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    That's not unusual. I also own an LS-2 helmet with flip-up chin piece. Mine is very noisy at speed over 100 kph. Almost untolerable at 160 kph, it sounds like a chopper is flying over me. But after I installed a small wind deflector over the front of my ER-6n the situation got much much better. Both engine and wind noise are now under control including the wind against my helmet. Just my two satang!!!
  8. Ducatillon

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    I tried many different types of ear plugs and the most comfortable and the most silent one for me is the "Beeswax Ear Plugs" you can find in Thailand at some Boots shops. The one at the airport is the best place to find them because other shops are usually out of stock.
  9. DavidFL

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    Bump for Jag100
  10. KZ25

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    I bought a cheap flip-up made by REAL here for only 3,000 baht.

    It made some whistling noises at speeds over 80 km/h but I fixed that with some tape in the right spots. Don't need any earplugs.

    No helmet should make unbearable noise at 100 km/h!
  11. JAGI00

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