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  1. Dear fellow riders,

    please excuse my first post not being in the new user area - will do that as soon as I have a reliable web connection. ;)

    My friend and me are currently on our RTW trip, first leg, Europe to Australia. Please have a look at out website ( or flickr ( We have not been able to update the HP while in Iran, so it is a little outdated, sorry for that.

    Unfortunately my mate has to fly home from Bandar Abbas, Iran, due to issues at home. This leaves me and two bikes, all three of us taking a flight to Bangkok most likely on Tuesday. From there on I will be riding solo to Australia. Once his family is okay again, my friend will take a plane to Bangkok and ride his bike down to Oz, so we can ship over to the Americas. At this point we do not know when this might be, but for sure it will be a few months.

    We decided to ship the bikes to Bangkok so we could join up later, but this leads to some problems. I will be alone with two bikes at the airport (which is managable, although not nice) and we have to find a save place to store his bike (which is a real issue...).

    Would anyone of you have any help or advice to share or maybe even two spare square meters in a basement or shed?

    Any help would be very much appreciated. Payment in beers and postcards. If necessary even money, but doing all this on a shoe string, it might not be too much...

    Thanks in advance and greetings from Bandar Abbas,
  2. I have a safe, lockable workshop at my house and I live about 20 minutes from the airport. You're more than welcome to use it.

    Contact me at mxthailand (at)

  3. Thanks Satonic,

    email sent. =)

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