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  1. Ok riders, We are coming to Chiang Mai for the rally from Bangkok. I need help from all you riders that have done this before.

    Here is what I have for a route, now tell me good or bad and offer the best for us please...

    From Bangkok:
    Hwy 1 - 32
    11- Chiangmai

    We are coming and we dont want to be late....Leaving on 5 Dec am.


    Its the same old story: you want to get there quickly use the highways, if you've got some time use the secondary roads.
    Looks like you've mixed it around there so it just leaves the time frame.
    Which ever way you take hope you have a great ride and see you there.
  3. Dougal,

    Thanks for your reply. I was hoping with all these guys that say they have made this trip before would give me some assistance and some recommendations. But guess I was asking for too much.

    We will find our way, I am sure as I have a GPS on my bike but was hoping to get some feedback on GOOD routes. Sometimes my GPS just shows the quickest route even though is not always true.

    We will go from Bkk - Tak now the first day and then the next day from Tak - Chiang Mai. I am sure once in Chiang Mai we will find some other groups out of Bangkok we can ride back with.

    Again Thanks. Also on the reply about the bags.


    No problem.
    Sometimes its not the road that makes the difference its the guys you're travelling with.

    Once I confirm who is going in our group on the 30th. I'll contact you and swap tel numbers so we all meet up in CNX. See you there.
  5. Hope to meet you guys in Chiang Mai. Myself an one other mate could actually leave on the 1st or 2nd but some of the other guys cannot get off to leave that early so we will wait for the 5th on them. I would have really liked to get up to Chiang Mai a couple days early to go see the sites (Riding Sites) I always see and here about on this website.

    I want to meet David and Pikey in person while there as they have been two very good individuals I have dealt with via Intranet.

    Ride safe and may the days and nights be clear.

  6. Dan
    Coming out of Bkk don't really know- whatever is quickest is usually the best.

    I'd say R1 to Tak, overnight there if you want to go slow & smell the roses, but there's not a lot to smell on R1.

    When you get to Thoen, turn left onto R106 & smell the roses all the way into Chiang Mai, where you'll find thousands of bikes in town for the "bike week" & all the roses wilting.
    But if you just want to get here, then open the throttle up Tak - Thoen -Lampang & then enjoy yourself on the R11 mountain crossing Lampang - Chiang Mai.

    Don't forget to bring some warm gear, because it's cold :shock: :shock: at the moment, although that could change (for better or worse.) But Cnx will be significantly cooler than the hot plains & the concrete jungle of Bkk.

    Swing by the Kafe
    to ask for me,

    or Tony's Big Bikes for Pikey to meet up.

    When the time comes the GT Riders will get together somewhere, but there will be shows / parties everywhere all over town / most nights. We are all riders without attitude problems & a loose group of mates, who generally go with the flow & don't like to get stressed out about who's going to be where & when. It's the riding that counts & we ride most of the time, not just talk about it. 8) 8) 8)
  7. David,

    Thanks for the info. I really am looking forward to this trip and being able to meet up with all the other riders. We are also a lose, no rules free riders. We ride to enjoy the ride and have no desire to just go from point A to a Point B. We like to enjoy the sights between A and B.

    Will be good to finally meet you guys. I have a mesh jacket but maybe I will wear my leather jacket...Forgot about the coldness up there. Here in Bangkok concrete jungle it's always warm especially with all the hot air coming from everyone....No pun intended.

    See you soon.


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