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Discussion in 'New Members' started by ashtonlawson, May 8, 2017.

  1. So, I've actually come across GT-Rider.com numerous times when looking for information, but I've been out of the forum scene for a while so never felt the need to join... Until now.

    Actually, Goran suggested I should join and post up some of my videos here, and I'd like to get involved in the community a bit as well since sharing is caring and we all have the same passion for two-wheeled death traps and finding new roads (asphalt, concrete, dirt, gravel, you name it).

    I've got two bikes, my trusty yet fiesty (carb'd) CBR 150R bored up to 177cc, and then the slightly larger Z800:

    I enjoy photography as much as videography, so hopefully you'll enjoy my work once I get to posting. If you'd like to jump the gun a bit, you're more than welcome to check out my YouTube channel and its existing videos.

    Here's to the road ahead, and thanks for having me,

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  2. Gday & welcome to GTR.
    Its always good to have a new contributor to help share the info & bike trips.

    Your vdos seem pretty tight & well edited - good stuff.
    It would be cool to see a collection of them on GTR.
    I liked your Lost in Chiang Mai # 7 - starting at the Gymkhana Club under the old tree - what a beauty that tree is eh?
    I couldn't quite work out where you cam off on the snot - was that between Chiang Saen & Chiang Khong or somewhere else up that way?
    BTW what happened to Lost in Chiang Mai Day # 6?

    Last but not least that's quite a ride up from Phuket on that bike - you must have picked up a few bugs on the way.
    Well done & I hope you have a nice time on GTR.
  3. Thanks David, hope I can stick around a bit.

    I've got a playlist going for the Lost in Chiang Mai videos as I try to finish off the series - the trip was a year ago, but a laptop crash stalled editing for a while, until I could get it running fast enough again. This is the Playlist.

    And too right there were a lot of bugs. And road construction. And rain. Great experience though, and still love the look on people's faces when I tell them about it.
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  4. Welcome aboard Ashton.
    Switch to video section and embed your youtube links. We have some nice collection and few more on the way.


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