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Discussion in 'New Members' started by ham51, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. Hi all, I've just returned to Thailand after completing a four year journey around the world, Chiang Mai was one of my favourite places, so I've returned, I'm enrolling on the Thai language course at the university and hoping for an enjoyable stay, not sure I've done the right thing bringing my Africa twin with me, but we are both here now, looking forward to meeting like minded people and great rides!
  2. Welcome ham51. You may not be sure you've done the right thing bringing your Africa Twin with you but I'm fairly certain that you HAVE done the right thing. :thumbup:
  3. Hope to meet you when I get there in January, Graham. Yep, sounds like a great bike to have along in SE Asia.
  4. Gday Graham & welcome back.
    If you need any help with the AT just drop me a line.
    Mine's about to be retired I think, & with 330,000 kms on the clock.

    THere are lots of good guys on here.
    If you want to meet up try Euro Diner,The X-Centre & The Kafe.

    If you need any help, just ask.
  5. Hi David,
    Thank you for your advise on Laos border,(Joe called you for me). I will catch up with you when I get a chance, I need to pick your brain again!

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