Hiring a Versys ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by Lakota, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. Lakota

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    I was toying with the Idea of Hiring a Versys . I've never ridden anything bigger than my KLX250 but would like to get it out of my system (hopefully).:D

    I briefly bumped into David GT-Rider himself in Chiang Khong about a week or more ago . he was on a Hired Versys himself. So I thought I would ask here.

    I doubt there are any available in Chiang Rai, So Where, and How much in Chiang mai ? :neutral:
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  3. crsaddlebags

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    There are rentals available in Chiang Saen. They will deliver bikes to Chiang Rai customers if needed and I would guess to Chiang khong as well. They have Versys 650, CBR 250, Ninja 250 and 650, Vulcan 800 and R-Star 1,300. I believe they have 8 or 9 bikes at this point and more coming. You can talk with the owners, English language and Thai, at 089-424-2641. PM me if you need an e-mail address for them.
  4. Captain Wally

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    It's 6 months since I was in Chiang Mai (I'll back in 7 weeks :D ) so my info might be out of date. Mr Mechanic had one Versys @1500 baht/ day. Pop's seemed to have heaps of them @ 1800 baht/ day.

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