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  1. Ok the dragstar 400 saga. Peter Hooper sid yuo guy play in this stuff.

    Here we go with a budget under a 100K. What can I do get more power. I know about K&N filtres and know where I can but one in Udon.

    I thought about boring it out to a 650. But, there are no machine shops in Udon I would trust to that. The actual block is the same size a sa 1100, so I'm sure it would accomidate it. But waht else beyond the pistons would need changing?

    I thought about a super charger, but I don't see anything available for this model. Looked for a ram jet system same story. By the way the HP difference between the 650 and 400 is listed as 3 HP. That alone woudl not do the trick.

    Top end now on a good day is 120, I have a smaller windshield lined up. That will help a bit.

    I have had a modified 150 Phantom that was a good solid 160 bike, I know can be done, But 4 strokes and 2 strokes are different animals. I don't have clue how to go about this, or where to get the work done.

    I happy with the bike other then that it has a book and I paid through the nose for that. I need another year out of it or more if possible.

    The trick I see is getting the more horsepower without losing the relaibility.

    I know the instant answer is a new bike but I don't have the money for that
  2. Ray
    No offence, but I'd be trying to lighten the bike up for better power to weight ratio first. I reckon you could probably strip 15+ kgs off the bike if you really wanted to.

    Yeah it looks like you're now missing quite a few, in other posts as well. Better to keep 'em & leave 'em up.
  3. No offence taken took 15 Kgs off me that should have helped :lol:

    I have been a bit surprised the Phantom 150 ended up it up the same way, as this one lost 15 Klms an hour, down to 145 top end.

    difference must be in the 2 cycle plus a six speed trans.

    This is one of those want the cake and eat it too :wink:

    I could lose 40 Kg, but she would kick my tail if she ever caught me :cry:

    I don't think I need a lot more to get what I want. Just enough to get through till I buy a new bike.

    In the end I may just keep riding it a it is, but nothing wrong with trying.

    The bike says it has 30K on it, but who knows what it really has a major tuneup might really do a, lot for it and getting more air to the carbs may be enough
  4. Well reloaded averyhting on photobucket and did the tread again so I think I'm in business there lesson learned.

    The bike said it had 7K on it when I bought it not digital speedo, So who knows. It had been cleaned up to look good, so the old pegs and grips were not on it. I noticed that the tires were weather cracked but had good tread.

    So it might have been in fact just sitting who knows.

    Showing 30K on it now. I'm thinking in tems of a major tune up, that shouldn't be to expensive and it might make a heck of a differeence.

    I'm thinking in terms of a timing check Not running hot so that is probably OK

    New points



    Valve adjustment

    and plug wires am I missing anything?

    I notice a gas smell when I trying the back off after a ride.

    So rebuild the carbs

    New fuel lines

    Put on K&N filtres.

    question will I need to change the jets on the carbs with this filter change.

    Go to a different and smaller windshield

    Get a standard tool kit, so I get rid of the heavy tools on it now.

    Add a electronic tach so I know whats going on.

    I'm really not looking for much more power so I think this just might do it. Without spending a ton of money and it a should get me through one more season. These are things I think I can get done in Udon.

    Thoughts please
  5. ray, there is only so much you can do with an old air-cooled, two-valve, low compression cruiser engine. Cruisers are generally not built for power (except power cruisers, of course) but for relaxed cruising. Far as I know the older Yamaha cruisers employ the Virago engine designed in the 80s in a detuned version, meaning they have less power than they had 20 years ago! Guess if you want more oomph you'd have to spring for a bigger engine, maybe 900-1100cc. Makes more sense than a super charger IMHO.
    You mention a 3hp difference between the 400 and 650cc engine - how many horses total are we talking here? Compared to that my little 250 makes 32hp since it isn't a cruiser.
    I'd recommend a new air filter and a set of plugs, and maybe a carburator cleaning if you haven't done that lately.
  6. I wouldn't trust the mileage, there are lots of assembled bikes around which are more than ten years old and show a surprising low mileage. What year is it? If it's over ten it probably has closer to 100K on the clock. Check the manifolds between the carbs and the intake for cracks, they suck air when they're old and dry, resulting in less power. Let the engine idle, spray electric circuit cleaner on the manifolds, if the idle goes down, not good, if idle stays the same, you're lucky.
  7. Off the top of my head the 400 is 37 HP and the 650 is 40.

    I think little changes will get me as much as I want without, just by getting what is alreday there a little more healthy.

    I'll start with your suggestions, hey what else do I have to do :lol:
  8. Hi Ray,

    If you can accept it, I wouldn't throw a chunk of cash at something you're likely to sell after another 6 months or so.

    It's doubtful you have points or a distributor as it's Japanese so will have a CDI.

    If it starts easily from cold, the valves will be OK - ditto the plug wires.

    KZ's point about the perished manifolds is valid except that the revs will rise when you spray contact cleaner on them.

    Also, in agreement with KZ, I'd limit the expense to checking/cleaning/replacing the air filter and throw a new set of plugs at it which may pep it up a bit but at the end of the day, as the old saying goes "there's no substitute for (cubic) inches" which means a bigger bike.

    Cheers & good luck,

  9. You know it's great to have something like this to bring you back to the real world.

    I'll go KZ' advice. shouldn't cost much. I pick up another $1,000 a month in March so thats when I will probably buy. Not that far away. :lol:

    Only time I really notice it is when I'm running with the big boys, there used to me wait at the turns.

    I try to find something else to halucinate about for a while :roll:
  10. Hello, my expierence with STEED 400. Not really the same problem.
    The Steed 400 runs w.o. problem before modifying 135 km/h. But it has not enough power during a longer trip with the big boys. I did let modify the engine from a shop in Surat, made in BKK. The ccm is now 520. Do have more power. Top speed 153 km/h. Gasoline plus 0,5 ltr/100km. Additional problems, at the beginning..... Gasket need a special one. Engine is more hot.I double the cooler volume, nearly. Adjust the carburator. Modify , a little bit , the air filter. Need more air. Install a temperatur measurement for water control. Switch on the cooling fan automatically. Change the spark plugs. Thats all. Run a little bit more raw, but the sound is also more powerful. In generally , not so big problem, if you know the cooling problems. Total cost around THB 18000,-- for everything.Run now 12K/km with this. Oil need to be a good one. Like MOTUL etc.etc. I dont know,its possible for you. From my point of view DSC 400 runs, normally 135 km/hr. without problem.
    I can check it for you if you PM.

    Regards Eddy - Surat Thani
  11. I believe the 400 Steed will do "only" 135km/h, proving the point that it's made for cruising. Interestingly the 200cc Phantom has the same top speed, but less torque, of course. A decent street 250 should do 150. So if you want to cruise at 90-110km/h, the 400cc should be fine. If you want to travel at 130-150km/h, you need at least 1000cc.
    I've had a 1400 Intruder which would almost jump at the twist of the throttle in the city, but the top speed was limited, too.
    Maybe you should consider a Suzuki 650 V-Storm (or whatsitsname), that's not a cruiser but the others wouldn't have to wait for you...
  12. Te one that is on the top of the list for the future at the moment is the Vulcan 900 I want to get away from the used bikes. I've got months to work with here If Yamaha comes up with something Like the Silverado as aa a possibilty I believe that would be perfect for me.

    900 seems like a good midsize bike.

    I called Yamaha in Cahing Mai and asked about the Silverado as it is a Canadian model, which is what they are importing. The Thai government isn't making it easy on them beleive me.

    There is a shop I can do it via the parts route, but I will end up with a bike with dodgy papers, and no warranty.

    I really like the cruiser type bikes that are being made today, that Yamaha that John bought is a perfect example, Good cruiser and lots of get up and go. I drool everytime I see it. But the foot positioning just won't work with my back. I see no way to modify the foot controls enough to make it possible

    The goal is to get the best I can from this for the intrem. Fact is in the end I may have to watch a lot of tail lights for awhile :lol:

    As usual I have got very good advice on here, I just have to be patient, hard to do with riding season right around the corner. But I may have to wait for the following year. We will see.

    I want to thank all of you for input
  13. Ok what I'm settling for is a carb cleaning, new plugs, manifold check and a K&N filter. Not to expensive. Smaller windshield a standard tool kit to reduce weight

    Question I have now is if you go to a K&N air filter do you to change the jets in the carbs, since they will torn down anyway?

    If so anyone know what size?

    So pretty much a major tuneup, can't hurt thats for sure :lol:
  14. "torn down"? Do you mean the jet will wear?

    I have fitted a K&N to one or two of my bikes and didn't change the main jet. Try it out and see.
  15. Torn down is an American phrase meaning taken apart sorry.

    Thanks on the jets that makes it even more simple.
  16. Hey Ray, you should check out http://www.hondashadow.net/forum/ for more ideas on how to squeeze a bit more out of the bike. I know it's a Honda forum and you have a Yammy, but they're great people who don't care what kind of bike you have. The tech section is read by many bike mechanics so you'll get alot of useful info.

    If I get my bike up your way we should get together, I prefer to ride slow and enjoy the scenery so we shouldn't have a problem.
  17. Sounds good to me I will check it out. Even when the guys ride 130 they wait for the guys riding eighty at the turns :lol:

    We will be here.

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