Honda Big Bike Wing, Bangkok.

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  1. Set to open in late April, according to reports by Honda in the BKK Post and The Nation last week.

    I'm sure everyone is up to date with the announcements from Honda last year, about them starting to produce and release big bikes here.

    A mate told me yesterday that there was a poster announcement with the shadow of some bikes on it. Some looked like the NC700X, the CBR600F, and a larger CRF than the 250 that was announced this month. Can't find it though.

    Anyway, perhaps this thread could serve the purpose of showing announcements if and when they happen.
  2. Does that mean they will assemble/produce their bikes here like Kawasaki and offer them for decent prices?
  3. The answer to your question would seem "NO" as the prices at the latest Bangkok show are high eg; VFR1200 899,000 baht and approx 500,000 baht for 680cc bikes.

    Cheers Ken F
  4. Bummer!

    I guess they're catering to the rich Thais rather than to the money-conscious foreigners...

    I was interested in the NC700X but at that price it's a still-born penguin.

    Especially when you get a Versys for way less.
  5. Inside info says that there'll be a Thai produced 400 and/or 600 once the Big Bike Wing is up and running smoothly. For the Jap market, also available for sale here.
  6. If it's also for the Jap market then it will be a 400.

    That's a good size, 250 may be a bit too small, 650 may be a bit too big for around here.

    A single or twin with 30 to 35 rear-wheel horses should do and be affordable.
  7. Drove by the Honda Big Wing showroom yesterday and, well, I'd say it'll take a small miracle for them to open by April. It looks like they still have a LOT of work to do... But then Honda is always late in Thailand, aren't they? ;)

    As for the rumored 400cc Honda, so far it's just that, a rumor without any basis in fact. Certainly they could surprise us with a 400 cc machine, but it's not being built at the Lad Krabang motorcycle factory and Honda's automobile plant in Ayutthaya is still recovering from the great flood of 2011 so it's anybody's guess where they might be manufacturing this new rumor-bike...
  8. Honda's newly expanded motorcycle plant at Lat Krabang in Bangkok will accommodate the manufacturing of several products for export including large bikes, says Annop Phornprapha, vice-president of Thai Honda Manufacturing Co.

    Honda's foreign success prompted the expansion to help it prepare for new models with larger engines.

    Mr Annop said Thai Honda, which manufactures motorcycles, power products and automotive parts, completed its 2.8-billion-baht installation of new lines and output is now 2 million units per year after moving power products to another area. As usual, 1.5 million of the regular motorcycle models per year will be produced because the new lines are reserved for the larger bikes.

    This was of course pre-flood, so they could be playing catchup for a while, which would also tie in to my comment about a new 400/600 being delayed until after the Big Bike Wing settles down.

    Wait until the BBW is up and running smoothly, and the factory has caught up on whatever output Honda lost during the flooding.

  9. That means that more big bikes will be built here but not sold here...
  10. From the same article:

    The market for big bikes in Thailand is small, at fewer than 1,000 units per year, so most will be slated for export.
  11. Open "now" (After the motor show).

    The bikes

    1. Integra 487,000 baht.

    2. CRF250R 310,000 baht.

    3. VFR1200F 899,000 baht.

    4. NCX700X 451,000 baht.

    5. CBR1000RR 799,000 baht.

    6. Goldwing 1,539,000 baht.
  12. No word on the CRF250L?
  13. Doubt very much the CRF250L will be sold at the Big Wing showroom. Expect it will be sold by regular Honda dealers, while the Big Wing will be reserved for the pricey imports.

    FWIW I drove by there a couple days ago and they're really stepped up the pace of construction. Perhaps it will be ready to open next month after all.
  14. The official website

    The models available

    1. CBR1000RR @ 799,000 baht

    2. Goldwing 1,800 cc @ 1,539,000 baht

    3. Integra 670cc @ 487,000 baht

    4. NC700X 670cc @ 451,000 baht

    5. VFR1200F @ 899,000 baht

    6. CRF250R @ 310,000 baht



    Note that Honda Big Wing is the division of AP Honda responsible for selling imported Honda Big Bikes from overseas.
  15. Thanks Slash, that's a user typo error. Corrected it to 250 already.
    You're always on the ball.
  16. Word is that Big Wing will be releasing 3 new locally made models early next year.
  17. Yeah, let's hope there's some competition for the great value Kawa N650's.

    Word from Honda dealers that have a lot of meetings and contact with the head management of the Big Wing is that there is a (CBR)500 in the works.

    I don't know about engine manufacturing, but basing a 500cc twin on the 250cc single currently in production for the CBR250R and CRF250L, if it's possible to such a thing, would certainly aid economies of scale. If they managed to get one under 200k thb and pushing out 50HP or so there would certainly make the market competitive.

    They've completely come in and hit Kawa big time in the 250cc market, by undercutting Kawa by a nice margin. I imagine they sell more CBR250's than Kawa sell their entire 250cc range of 3 bikes, and the CRF will outsell the KLX and D-Tracker put together.

    I'm pretty sure they'll come after the Kawa 650's next.
  18. Hi CBR250, What if Honda produce another "Global Engine" like the 250 but a Single Cylinder 500? Then they could use it in a Dirt Bike and a Road Bike? Like the Old Yamaha XT and SR Series sharing the Same engine? Now that would be Great!!! Where do I put My order in!!!
  19. if they could put that 500 single into some beautiful naked Bike that would be nice too :)
  20. ya never know, a series of 500cc single-cylinder bikes like the new CBR and CRF250s could be around the corner.

    There also isn't a sports-cruiser between the VRF1200 and the mini-version, the CBR250.

    All possibilities. :)
  21. Agreed. Don't know why people knock singles so much, look at the latest KTM 690 Duke with almost 70hp and only 150kg!
  22. "What if Honda produce another "Global Engine" like the 250 but a Single Cylinder 500?"

    Maybe it would be easier and cheaper to use the existing 250 cylinder and piston and develop a 90 degree 500?

    The VTR250 was (or is?) a top-seller in Japan; a VTR500 would be perfect for around here without being too heavy or too expensive.

    Frankly I don't need a 200 km top speed and the 70 hp Kawasaki's 650s produce.

  23. Oh man, wouldn't that be sweet!

    I think whatever they come up with, in this current climate, is going to be used in more than one bike, and they're going to be looking at economies of scale.

    A 90 degree V-Twin based on the 250cc single... it does make sense.
  24. I had the little VTR for two years, only rode it 10K km because it didn't have papers. I really enjoyed this bike, it was light, agile, and the engine was great, lots of torque through the lower and mid range. It went straight to 140 km/h and then ran out of power. The 90 degree twin sounded like a big bike, not like a 250 at all, with the straight-through car muffler I got for a bit over 2,000 baht.
    I guess it had the same power and characteristic as the new 250 single, around 24 horses and lots of mid-range torque. Maybe a bit higher red line.
    A legal 500cc version with 40 horses and lots of midrange would be a dream come true!

    Sold it to a guy in CM when I moved to Phuket. Maybe some of you guys have seen it.

  25. haha, love the tank sticker!

    Great little bike though. Let's cross our fingers... unofficial word from the management of Big Wing is to expect a 500cc bike.

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