HONDA VRX 400cc for sale in Chiang Mai

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    1996 HONDA VRX (same engine as Steed) purchased in Chiang Mai Dec 2002 within days of arrival in Thailand with 25 K on the clock.........Runs good, never left me on the side of the road while touring Northern Thailand; never dropped or crashed.........Currently 59,000 kilometers on the odometer. Import Tax paid (documentation provided)...Excise Tax paid (documentation provided)....NO REGISTRATION/NO GREEN BOOK.......
    For the country squire who wants more than a step-through can provide and does not wish to pay the extraordinary amount for registration.......
    REASON FOR SELLING: Just purchased a new Yamaha better suited for city driving.
    ASKING: 49,000 Baht or best offer

    Jolly Roger
    081 950 4038

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