Honda Win 100cc for sale in Hanoi

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  1. Since buying the bike I have:

    * Had the carburetor tuned, twice (by Hanoi Motorbikes the second time)
    * Changed the oil
    * Bought a new front tire (old one was bald)
    * Replaced the inner tube in the back tire (got two flats, second couldn't be patched)
    * Replaced the front right indicator
    * Had the chain tightened (@ Hanoi Motorbikes)
    * Adjusted the back suspension (@ Hanoi Motorbikes)
    * Replaced the spark plug and cleaned up the electrical
    * Got the petcock and fuel main replaced

    The bike, like all Honda Wins, is old and doesn't run perfectly (hence the two carb cleanings and tunings). However, it does run consistently and run well. It took me to central Vietnam and back north into the mountains, and back to Hanoi. It did break down once, when the petcock needed to be replaced, and once I ran out of gas (user error), but on the whole it's incredibly reliable. You can't really kill these things.

    The electric starter works, the vast majority of the time, though sometimes it needs to be kick started. The indicators and horn work, though sometimes the horn is sticky (you really have to push it). It shifts well, the engine is in great shape -- it climbs hills better than my friend's bike did. It runs inconsistently in 4th gear at high speeds, you have to roll around on the throttle to make it happy, it has sweet spots where it runs well and other spots where it chugs. I tried to have it fixed, but to no avail. The bike is completely rideable with it though. You know, honesty in crappy old motorcycles is the best policy.

    I have some used dirty saddle bags I'll throw in for another $10, they're super convenient.

    $200 USD or 420,000 VND, obo.

    I got it from Phuong Motorbikes for $320 because I am a giant sucker. $200 is the going price for most of these bikes, but I'd like to get out of Hanoi sooner rather than later, so I can be a bit flexible.

    I'm staying at the Hanoi Backpacker's Hostel at 9 Ma May, the bike is parked nearby.

    Email me for pics or to come check it out and give it a ride around: totallygloria -at- gmail dot com
  2. thanks, sold the bike today.

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