honda xr, papers&plate, new price&pics! 30.000bath

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    on this link you can see the bike.
    I have the green book in my name,
    Went to laos without any problems..
    The bike comes with helmet and pro-grip(lightsensitive) goggles
    i changed the front light like you can see on the pics
    put on a track on the back
    placed a tail light
    changed the chain....
    can drive the bike where you want in thailand.

    i'm now in ko chang
    but you can always reach me on
    greets bob
  2. Hi Bob,

    Is the XR still 4 sale?
  3. ill ask too, still for sale??
  4. hi guys, sorry for the late response...
    the bike is still for sale,
    I'm drivin around india on a enfield for the moment,
    but you can contact my friend on [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    The bike is at his place
    greets bob
  5. Bob got my email address wrong, it is [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    or you can phone me at 06-9736963
    The bike is in province of Phetchabun, approx 260km north of Bangkok

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