How much to register/ green book etc

Oct 17, 2005
Hi all,

Im thinkin of upgrading my bike to a BMW GS 650........Ive found one I believe may be good but its not plated / registered / green booked up etc ....I have been told this process all costs about 100,000 baht ...can anyone advise me more accurately what the process is and what it actually costs it a pain in the ass to achieve? ...the geezer replied to my email on the subject as follows...

"6-by the way i Do Not have Green Book or thai Registration for this
Bike as i didn't want to pay More Tax's.But all Import Taxs are paid
(High tax) and the Bike comes with Invoice Documents and its up to you"


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Dont like your chances of getting a grey import BMW registered in Thailand.
"Normal book" costs should not be more than 60-70 max, but I understand that BMW has a list of legal imported bikes - with full duty paid - and that when anyone requests a rego for a BMW bike the Land Transport Dept licensing authority check with BMW Thailand to see whether the bike is (1) not stolen o/seas & (2) has full duty paid as an imported vehicle (not invoice for parts imported.)
Now I dont doubt that there will be exceptions to the rule, but I dont like your chances of a fair value for money purchase "with rego to come". If you've got the doe, buy one that is already registered.

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Oct 17, 2005
Thanks david ...I had a feeling it was all a bit dodgy..but his sale price was 170,000 baht for an 89 machine with 40,000km on it and he insists he had it from new which got me interested , you get what you pay for in this world eh.....I reckon I`ll walk away from this one ....just come back from the samoeng loop to lose the shine of my new hoop.......great to be back out there again ..I noticed my riding has got very rusty ..wrong gears ...wrong apex etc ...not to worry .....
Jun 21, 2006
I agree with David, I bought a second hand 1150GS from BMW Thailand, I went to the land Transport Office with their BMW (Thai) driver, we lied about the value of the bike, (obviously we said it was worth less than I paid for it to reduce the fee), and would you believ it, the inspector consults his chart, and says the value is in fact more than I had paid for the bike. Even with the Thai guy with me, I had to pay the full transfer tax, no conning them that time.