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  1. Hi all,

    Any enduro riders on this board living in Hua Hin/Cha Am/Pranburi area?

    Also I'm thinking about getting a GPS unit but am un sure which one to buy. Anyone know if I can find maps of Thailand that will work with this one? ... 17418.html
  2. Hi there, I consider myself an enduro rider, it would be my first choice of a bike, but I bought a VTR250 instead because it's better for trips. I've had a KLR 250, an XR650L and a DR 650SE. Before I came to TH I spent seven years in the US and had 30 bikes during that time, none of them new. Ten K-series "flying bricks" 750 triples/1000cc fours, and assorted Jap bikes, older XS 650 models, V4 Sabre, Intruder 1400, 250 Ninja, ZX9R, SECA 600 aso.
    Now in TH I'm dreaming of a 250cc D-Tracker!
  3. I'm starting to get worried about my new buddy here - maybe he got stuck in a ditch somewheres...?
  4. Hahaha, not a ditch. I'm stuck in the sand pit! I still have another 3 weeks away at work then home to Hua Hin for 6 weeks.
  5. What kinda bike you have over here? A white XR400?
  6. Hi Friends,

    I can't really say that I am living in LOL, but let us say that I come twice a year for X'Mas hollidays and Summer hollidays and when there, I am based in Cha Am (since this summer) and in Bangkok.

    We -my family and I- use to commute from France for some 3 month per year as it is our priviledged destination for hollidays, no one will say against LOL....

    There I import in 2006, my goodself, a brand new Ducati Monster 1000 that I maintain (thanks, as well, to my friends in Red Baron BKK) in mint conditions... Each travel I use to bring some parts from Europe and the bike is at the Top (all you can dream).

    On an other hand, I own in Cha Am a Suzuki DRZ 400;, I bought in 2006, second hand at Red Baron BKK, the bike is also in mint condition with few accessories and I use to ride it everuy morning when in Cha Am for a morning ride on tracks around ...

    At present, I look for a BMW GS, second hand, and in several posts i had the opportunity to exchange about buying possibilities.

    If I would agree that an off-road bike is usefull in LOL, a Ducati Monster (tuned as mine) is totally useless in Thailand as too dangerous to ride with pleasure.

    So that's it, if in Hua Hin/Cha Am around X'Mas, do not hesitate to phone me (will PM my phone number) we could have a drink or a ride.
  7. Yup. It's a 2006 white XR400 Super Motard. I saw a Thai guy riding a white XR around Hua Hin as well.
  8. KZ,

    I'm back in town now. Will send you a PM with my number.

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