I got hold of a KLX250sf DTx EFi manual !!

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by Joelthailand, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. A friend on another forum emailed this KLX250sf DTx EFi manual to me the other day. Had a look through it & it's very up to date, with all the fuel injection & ECU stuff that you always wanted to see & know about :)

    It's 10.7megs zipped, a little big for emailing!! I will have a think about how to get it to anyone on GTR that wants it.

    any ideas on doing this are welcome.

    Cheers J

  2. Well Done Sir! I have a friend who will be interested. I will let Him know You have it. I also have Friends in Phuket so I might be able to get them to get a copy off You on a CD and post it up to me?
  3. You could use service like https://www.wetransfer.com/

    P.s. in every manual is written for exact which model it is e.g. what year/model. For some specific things this could be important to know. Example with the Versys some electric things are changed at the 2011-model in compare to the previous models.

    Chang Noi
  4. It says after the forward/introduction that it is: 6th edition (0) Jun. 3, 2011

  5. PM me an address & I will send you a cd sir!
  6. Hell Thanks Joel, Very Nice of You. Once I get it if anyone else wants it they can just come here to the X-Centre and I will burn them a Copy! My Address here is:

    Ian Rauner
    816 Moo 1, Mae Rim-Samoeng Rd,
    T. Rimtai, Mae Rim District,
    Chiangmai 50180

    Thanks again and when You get up here come and see Us and I will Buy You a few Beers!
  7. Joel You are a Legend! I was shocked to find the Postman just delivered Your Package! That was Fast. Please let me know if You need any Payment and I will be happy to deposit some in Your account!
    Now if any GT-Riders need a Copy I will burn them for You. But I am Busy all this week so after that please.
    Thanks again Joel, Top Man!
  8. Throw it on Dropbox, make the folder public, and give us the address... if you don't have Dropbox yet, it's free, and it's great...
  9. I'm an idiot for forgetting my company uses dropbox!!! We only use the free version so there is not unlimited bandwidth. I'll leave the KLX pdf in the public folder.....get downloading ;) Enjoy

    Edit: I've deleted the link. Got a warning from dropbox....To much traffic on a free account!!

  10. Joel,Top notch.Thank you very much.
  11. Thanks For Sharing Joel :)
  12. Joel, is there any way that I could get a copy of the Manual?? I am in Indonesia and require information in relation to adjusting the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor). Appreciate any help that you could provide.

    Thanks in advance.
  13. You can still download the EFi manual from here, I decided to leave it in dropbox!

    I will PM you a link to download the APi ecu manual, it has a lot of info regarding TPS positioning etc. I would make it public but APi would not be happy with me!!
  14. Joel,


  15. Thanks Joel, I've been looking for the pdf manual everywhere. I just bought a D-Tracker (it's still stock) and live in Kata, let me know if you want to trade some beers for some D-Tracker knowledge sometime!
  16. Hi Jeremie, you haven't enabled private message feature on this forum! Cannot contact you.
  17. Yeah, I e-mailed the administrator about that but no reply. You can call or shoot me a text sometime: 080 887 1168. Cheers
  18. Ok Jeremie i've got your number, will call soon. You might want to edit your phone number off from here now!
  19. Thanks for the manual! Sweet!

    I just got a dtracker. I'm learning the bike a km at a time.

    It has a Barrel 4 Delta exhaust. It's Loud!
    Joel, I saw another post about exhausts. I'm considering putting the stock back on for a while until I find an alternative. Any opinions?

    Thank you again!
  20. Hi RTW,

    The Delta is a well made exhaust & IMO worth keeping! Does your exhaust not have the baffle fitted? I've heard a Delta 4 in person & it was pretty quiet, the guy was contemplating taking a hacksaw to the baffle to make it a bit louder!! He did say having the baffle out was very loud & he lasted a week before putting it back in. (neighbors, police etc)

    There are a couple of shops in Bangkok that stock the FMF Q4 with megabomb & Yoshimura's for about 6-8,000thb (good quality copies btw) & will post them ems to Phuket. There was no choice/options for me 18months ago & I had to buy a Q4 from ebay! So much easier now.

  21. If a "good quality copy" is what you're after check out HomeMotor in Chiang Mai- they do quality full system exhausts for the KLX (and CRF-L) for around 5000-6000 baht. I can't find their contact info at the moment but probably someone else can chime in? :)
  22. Thanks for the reply Joel. I swapped the exhaust before going to the technical check for the green book. In foresight, I could have left it on since they don't check anything other than the frame/engine numbers but I didn't know.

    The delta that you saw in person must have had a baffle. I will check mine this afternoon. I have all the stock parts but didn't see a baffle included. I don't think mine had one installed. I mean... It's loud. Also, I had some backfiring in 2nr, 3rd and 4th gear. On throttle release. I believe it has the API ecu (language barrier with the seller) as I have the stock ECU in the stock parts box. To me, it seemed to rich (based on the way it popped) but after putting the stock exhaust back on, the backfiring is nearly gone. So with more back pressure, less popping so it seems that my first assumption was wrong and that it was too lean.

    New bike (to me)... Lots to learn. I'm tempted to keep the stock exhaust on for now until I can get some help.
    Any further opinion is appreciated. Maybe I'll see if I can get a baffle at the kawi dealer in PT?
    thanks again.
  23. Home motor 089-4309438
    [email protected]
    Home motor (โฮมมอเตอร์) ที่อยู่ 114/2 หมู่ที่ 5 ต.แม่แรม อ.แม่ริม จ.เชียงใหม่ 50180
  24. Thanks Satonic and tonybbk for the tips!
  25. What about ordering a delta 4 baffle from wheelingcyclesupply or ebay for example? 2 weeks delivery to Thailand!

    Popping on deceleration with the klx is 99% of the time to lean! The Api ecu will help richen things up. Badly fitted header pipe with an air leak can cause a bit of popping btw.

    kawasaki only sell twobrother pipes which are hideously loud aswell. They are not very helpful with aftermarket parts.

    The best people to talk to are the "bike Saloon" next to the big weekend market PT (tire & after market parts specialist), they are rarely open before 6pm but stay open till late. Anything you can think of to order they can get delivered from BKK pretty quickly. 5 minutes from Central festival off the Chalfa west road.

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