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  1. Didn't someone make a song about that? Anyway, Tuesday I went out to Doi Saket to meet up with Mr. 2 Wheels for a cuppa and a chinwag. sometime that night I noticed the side panel off my BMW R1150RT was missing. The cost of any BMW replacement bound to bring a downer on anyones day. As luck would have it, following a friends accident last year, I have just fitted front and back cameras to my bike. After spending an hour or so reviewing the footage I saw the the offending panel come flying off. From Hangdong Road and just before Global House in Chiang Mai there is a blocked off 'U' turn with lots of plastic and concrete barriers. At what must be a many thousand to one chance the panel came off at this point and went flying through the barriers to safety. I managed to pick up the panel with just a few light scratches, It is now back where it belongs! Up to 5000B to get a used replacement here and 3000B for the camera. Bargain!

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  2. Good one. That’s how I found my wallet that went flying out of my pants. Always had a rear canera running on the bike.
  3. What cameras are you guys using?
  4. I am using this one. Its cheap(ish) and figured better than nothing. Sits neatly in the tail of the bike where it is secure and cannot be seen, starts and stops recording with the ignition. It also has a remote that you can use to flip between cameras.. Very useful when riding I am sure!

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  5. Drift Ghost S.

    I have the SJ series and Gopro, but the drift is built like a tank. As I do some tricky off road, these have taken the full weight of the bike when it has been down. 3 years on the bike mounted to the engine bars, it still keeps going despite looking worse for wear. I have one on the helmet too.

    I shelved the GoPro after 3 months. Mic packed in and it kept crashing and the image was pants when mounted to the bike as the brackets vibrate like hell. I also have the new Sony FDR 3000 X which is a fantastic action camera, knocks them all for picture quality. However, if I put it through the same abuse as the Drift, it won't last 5 minutes. I tend to use it on a stand for off the bike shots.

    I am so happy with the Drift, I am waiting for my 3rd one which I ordered 4 weeks ago. With nearly 3-hour battery life, perfect for bikers.

    I have been through too many cheaper ones from SJ 4000 to Mobius. The cost actually outweighs the Drift where it is going to get some abuse.

    GoPro and even the Sony has too much faffery involved. Drift is clip and go. Has a rotating lens so no need to arse around with a scaffolding of brackets.
  6. I don't want to hijack this thread. But from a recent fall.

    just over 3 years ago I stuck it about 20ft up a tree to film bees building their hive for my daughter to watch. It came crashing down on a tiled drive without a mark. Took one or two falls from my Versys. And 3 recent ones on my twin.

    All depends on what you want one for. If for security, then the cheaper ones are fine.

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  7. Tha
    It looks pretty good. Can you view it live as a rear view mirror kind of thing?
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    Yes you can although I prefer not to have any distractions. There is also a remote control that velcroes around the handlebars. I have the unit mounted in the tail of the bike out of sight.
  9. Precisely my thoughts. I have a Tom Tom Bandit, for the helmet, an excellent camera producing very fine images but it is not fitted or in use every time. As you point out, for security, you need one to record with the turn of the ignition key.

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