I was only a mater of time before the KLX 250 become boring sooo....

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  1. On returning to Brisbane from the Alice and hopping on the KLX 250 it felt bloody boring ,In Alice i was riding a mates RMX 250 and it went like all powers not hard to lift the front wheel in 3 gear. My CR 500 is now in for new piston and rings as i am to lazy to do myself at the moment and i thought what the hell so i sold the KLX250 for what i paid for it and just picked up my new ride around town and work a Yamaha WR 400 F what a difference from the KLX no comparison really mind you i did like the electric start on the KLX but the WR starts by the third kick but time will tell.
    The CRM250 that i picked up in Chiang Mai has had a bit of a mishap seems they forgot to put oil in it :cry: when one of the mechanices rode it to see about the brakes hopefully sorted soon.

    Out with the old


    In with the new toy :p


    This will be my second Yamaha i have owned lets see if it plays the game :D
  2. Here are some other down sides to owning a WR400F
    Being a more or less a race bike and a very high revving engine like a two stroke with the pumper carburetor the oil needs to be changed about every 600km or only half that if you are pushing the bike hard.
    And i have found out the hard way not to stall it at traffic lights twice now i have thought i had it in neutral and stalled the bloody thing it seems to shoot to much fuel in with the pumper carburetor when you stall it like this and no way can you kick it to life again ... so push the thing off to the side and have a smoke and wait.
    Another thing i have said is that the old KLX250 wins hands down on fuel consumption in a big way !! they both have more or less the same size fuel tank but on the WR400F i am lucky to get 80km before going on reserve and thats taking it easy in traffic so all in all its not a good bike for day to day riding but you sort of get addicted to the power to weight ratio as the WR400 wheighs less than the old KLX250 and bloody gos.
    But i do miss the electric start and the ease of riding the KLX250 its a much better commuting bike, But when it comes to the weekend and getting off road the WR400 wins by a country mile if i could find a KLX400 at the right price i would be very tempted to get one but for now the WR400F will do.


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