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  1. A few days ago the Thai boyfriend of one of our staff was involved in an accident on his scooter. After a few days in intensive care he unfortunately died this morning from severe head injuries. The first question I asked - was he wearing a helmet? The answer was "no".... They just dont seem to get it
  2. Sorry to hear about the staff's loss.

    After I had the pleasure of making your acquaintance, I went to the Helment2 shop you recommended and bought an armoured jacket. Decent quality, 3,500 baht :)
  3. Sorry for your staff and her loss that could have easily been avoided. I am wearing good boots, helmet, gloves and jackets with protectors now all the time on all bikes. Still suffering from problems while crashing my scooter into a 'watering truck' earlier this year where I skipped wearing a protector jacket; my right shoulder is still making serious troubles. This 'laziness' is simply not worth it................ride safe !! Franz
  4. Sorry to hear of another senseless death :(

    Must confess that when I was young and living in a state where helmets weren't required that I often rode without a lid.

    It wasn't until some friends got killed riding without helmets and I survived a head on collision with a drunk driver that would have been fatal had I not been wearing a helmet that I've become a firm believer in the value and merits of always riding with a lid on.

    Thailand seems to be having some success with their 100% helmet campaign, but obviously there is still a lot of work to be done.
  5. I dont always wear all my protective gear as armoured jacket and Troousers gives me heat rash and heat stroke a few times ,I always use Helmet , Boots and gloves
  6. A heck of a lot more work still to be done - on the road this morning and at least 80% of Thais on scooters didnt have helmets on and 70% of the 80% had their helmets in their baskets ... Crazy
  7. Big check point set up in MaeSai this morning - pulling in scooters by the dozen - all with no helmet. In my village I think I'm the only one who does wear a helmet. I'm told that if you think you need to wear a helmet, you shouldn't ride a scooter because it implies you are expecting an accident! Sad loss of a young life.
  8. I have tried to drum this into my wife about a helmet the was so proud when she showed mer newley aquired one for 200b
    I bought one myself for her for 5000b....she wears it now but i am sure it is a status thing so she can tell her freinds.
    I despaire
  9. @jimbobs,

    got also some troublesome questions when I bought REAL helmets for my partners, they said 'paeng mahk' and stated that I could have gotten them some Index rubbish at Big-C for a small part of the REAL one, left over money would of course have been spent on booze and then on the ride home the rubbish one would have landed on the lower arm or in the topbox............
    In Austria we have a saying that goes translated somewhat like this:
    "he who doesn't listen will have to feel........................" sums it all up nicely, rgds, FR
  10. I found this guide, ¨Which parts of your body are most at risk in a crash?¨ (, quite instructive. It reveals 81% of motorcycle casualties suffer leg injuries. In other words, protective trousers are a higher priority than a glamorous protective jacket.

    ATGATT - All The Gear, All The Time.

    I should have added, the proportion of all motorcycle casualties with head injuries was 48%, of whom over eighty percent were either not wearing a helmet or it came off.
  11. doctors can fix abrasions , broken legs arms etc but not a smashed brain , many thais i speak to state that helmets ruin hair style
  12. "Best" helmet I ever saw a Thai wearing was an empty paint bucket - it even had a neat strap under his chin.
  13. The classic is " A $10 dollar helmet for a $10 head ".
  14. I do understand why your average Thai doesn't wear a helmet! Have you ever tried a 200thb helmet?? No padding of cushioning, just a polystyrene dome inserted crudely into a crap soft plastic shell. That sits uncomfortably rocking & itching at a jaunty lean, while filling with sweat.......
    The strap is made from a hard sharp edged plastic that cuts into your neck & chin! With a buckle that doesn't actually lock shut & if you do manage to lock the buckle, it is impossible to ever undo again. Any idiot could guess that this lid would not save you in an why bother!!

    Most Thais never get to try a comfortable, safe, well ventilated lid ......I think, I would definitely not wear a helmet if my only experience of a lid was the 200 baht bash hat.
  15. An American went to his doctor and was diagnosed with incurable Brain cancer , 6 months to live ,

    then the Doc said ,'' look there is new experimental procedure that can save your life , a Brain transplant,''

    The guy says ''great where do i sign up'', the doc said ''well we have 2 good brains available one is from a Nobel Prize winning scientist the smartest cleverest most amzing man in the world , and his brain is available for only $10,000 the other brain belongs to a Thai its $500,000 ''

    thge guy thinks for a second and says ........

    ''Doctor why is the Thai brain so much more expensive ?'' doc answers , well its never been used !!!!!!!!!
  16. FFS Jerry, don't you have a Thai wife and a half Thai kid? This racist Thai bashing is offensive and uncalled for.
  17. Ive got 2 half thai kids...and thats funny Tony...i love my wife dearly but she doesnt think more than 1 hour ahead..thats not racist
  18. Ok what dyou call a scouser in a suit....the accused
    What dyou call a scouse girl in a white tracksuit.....the bride
    I get this all the time ...its humour not racists....

    We hqve all got thai families ime sure they skit us ting tong falangs
  19. Exactly!
    Some people do like to get on their high horse though with their 'Oh, you can't say that, it's racist' and 'oh, I find that offensive' over the top, politically-correct whining. It's a joke FFS!

    Probably demand that admin close the thread next. Drama queen!
  20. Funny coming from the guy who got banned from ThaiVisa for repeated racist insults... :lolno:

    There's nothing funny about slinging racist stereotypes in the name of "comedy".

    Do you think you'd be laughing if you were a Thai on the receiving end of these racist "jokes"?

    Would you repeat these insults to a Thai person and expect them to find it funny?

    No, I didn't think so. :sick:
  21. Even funnier is which poster went crying and bitching to the TV admin.
  22. Ha ha i have a home in thailand and a home in mexico...these people are not educated ...but ive beentaken for more money by them than i have with them robbin scouse bastards.....
    Chill out guys its just humour i find chubby brown boring..i find bernard manning and franky boyle funny...
    I dont think anyone is thai bashing but they think ime thick and i think the majority of them are thick....
    Ime a civil engineer worked in alot of places and i have watched the thais build my house and its quite ingenious how they solve complex engineering problems
    Leave the racism for the national front..the KKK...THE NAZIS and muslims
  23. Yes, a little joke here and there makes things more entertaining, but it's easy to cross the line and offend someone.

    I've always liked GT Rider for its mature and tasteful content where insults, name-calling and ganging-up of members who know each other against others were absent.

    I spend time on other sites but really dislike the slug-fests and childish heckling. Let's stick to the topic and avoid anything that could turn into a brawl!

    P.S.: that doctor also had the brain of a Harley rider available... :lolno:
  24. Correct. But calling people racist when you know for a fact that they are making a joke goes too far. (I am not refering to your post but that also happens too often).

    P.S.: that doctor also had the brain of a Harley rider available... :lolno: Who wants a brain from a Harley driver?

    I AM JOKING GUYS, don't report me.

    BTW, I used to have some Harleys back home. I might buy one again. I have the right to make these jokes.
  25. My God! You really do have a stick stuck up your ass, don't you?
    If ever there were a people to make jokes about, it's the Thais. And the Irish. And the English...actually anyone you want. You don't find it funny? Others do.
    Whatever you do, don't go on YouTube and check out Godfrey or Carlos Mencia. You'll be so 'offended'!

    Anyway, back on thread. My opinion is that perforated leather is the way to go. It's fine in this climate as long as you're moving. I do wince when I see Thais riding out of Thonglor on a Panigale wearing t-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes.

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