Importing a Bobber in parts

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  1. OK Before i hear the Danger signs, i am fully aware of the grey market bike imports situation and drama but i have built harleys before in Australia the same way and can't understand why this is avoiding taxes if everything is done in full disclosure of the authorities who ever they are at the time of deciding , but i am legitimately trying to build a bike via imports of seperate components to suit what i want of parts not available in LOS and what i would like to know is how i can do this ligitimately in the eyes of the transport department and i am not avoiding import taxes i just want to piece together a ride that i want and being able to do that here will keep me from climbing the walls with boredom and give me alot of satisfaction as this is really my drug of choice building bikes for me to ride, surely there must be away to do this ligitimately without being tagged as a tax dodger and hiding in shame as a tax doger hiding from the BIB every time i take to the road on it ??? Please anyone with prior experience please inform me.

    Regards Sean
  2. Ok Just a Bump Surely Somebody has some sort of an idea about this i dont care if its negative i just need some constructive replys ?? Anyone Anyone >?? Surely somone on here has an idea whats involved and can shed some light on the subject for me ? :(
  3. My advice would be DON'T, but you probably don't want to hear that.
    Most other people would say the same I'm sure.
    No offence, but if it was so easy lots of Thais would be doing it, because they "know the system, can speak & read the language" & would be much more connected than you as a farang, who doesn't know the system & is not connected. And "they" don't do it. There must be a reason - it's not worth your time, effort or money - would be my guess.
  4. Hi Sean,
    I haven't done a bobber but I've done two Ducati's, with the help of my Thai wife.
    1.You need to import a frame with a frame number. Best if it's a Harley Frame already.
    2. Advise customs in advance that it is arriving and tell them the engine number and that it is a spare part to replace a damaged item. You need a Thai to help you here.
    3. When it arrives pay the appropriate taxes, about 26% including shipping cost.
    4. Tip the customs guy and develop a relationship

    Then import the engine seperately;
    Repeat steps 1 to 4

    All other parts are easy as just order them, import them and pay the tax.

    When you have built your bike you have the custome documents of your Frame # and Engine #

    Take these documents to a good harley shop and get them through their brokers to arrange the green book for you.
    Expect to pay Bht90K to Bht120K for this.'s legally imported and registered. Hope this helps.
  5. George is correct , it can be done if you are patient and organised
  6. And how to pass the emissions test legit ??

    So bribes and connections come into it somewhere.. As long as your understand that its not clear cut and $$ will be needed to grease it then best of luck.

    Keep us informed.
  7. 20,000 baht is the normal price to get through the so called emissions test which of course is nonsense .

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