importing bike from China to Chiang Mai

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  1. Hello all,

    Im very interested of the new Benelli BJ600GS and buying one in China.

    The idea is to bring it to Chiang Mai drive for awhile and then drive back to China and continue onwards. So I would like to keep it with Chinese plates... Knowing the risks that it might be confiscated here, but is there a chance that I can drive it in and out as a "tourist" ?
  2. If you can get it properly registered in your name, then I dont see why this wouldnt be possible for up to 6 months ??

    Certainly Thailand accepts temporary import for that duration.
  3. for up to 6 months... that would be perfect! yes I should be able to register it in China under my name and get proper plates/insurance etc... does anyone have experience of driving in and out thailand with chinese registered bike?
  4. Experience of riding in & out of Thailand on a Chinese registered bike?
    Yes Robert Heikel did it several times.
    You can read of his adventures starting here on GT Rider.
  5. The main problem will be the legal registration in China. There are a few big bikes, but most of them are illegal.
    Only a few provinces register big bikes, Shanghai and some other major do not.
    Furthermore you have to obey chinese customes regulations.
  6. I realise this thread dates back to 2012, but for completeness and for anyone who may contemplate the same... yes, it is possible. If one has legal residence in mainland China, and provided motorcycles can be plated in the jurisdiction where one is regsitered for residence purposes then all good, which usually means not one of the 200+ odd cities that have motorcycle bans. However, most of those cities have districts, towns nearby that do plate motorcycles, and one would need to use a little creativity (e.g temporary rental agreement and residence registration) to get it done. It is also incorrectly thought that there is some magical restriction in terms of 250cc. This changed with the likes of Jialing, CFMoto and Qianjiang (Benelli). Plus many other foreign brands and models are legally available inside China provided the manufacturer or distributor applies for and is successful in gaining certification (CCC).

    BMW, HD, Bimota, Ducati, Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki et al. Actually some of the models made in Thailand (CB500F, CBR500R, ER-6N, ER-6F, CTX700) are available in China at reasonable pricing as there is some ASEAN agreement which reduces the taxes and duties, so that the Thai made models are much cheaper than the Japanese or EU made models.

    A good mate ihas just ridden from China-Laos-Thailand (CR) and is there at the moment. He rode his China plated YBR without any hassles. He'll be back here in a few months then a few of us plan to ride China-Laos-Thailand, years end on Chinese plated bikes.

    It seems that the bike can stay in for as long as the Thai visa in the passport.

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