Nov 7, 2005

Did you think that importing bikes is easy in other countries? Below is an modified extract from TRIUMPH’s homepage where they very consumer friendly advise their customers about the possibilities to buy a Triumph in another country and then import it to your home country. Unfortunally no advice was given about Thailand.

If you wish to import your motorcycle into a country where it is not originally from, ….

Importing a motorcycle into the UK

There are two options for importing a motorcycle into the UK:

1) If the motorcycle is covered by a Certificate of Conformity (COC), then the standard registration procedure can be followed.

2) If the motorcycle is not a European specification or a COC cannot be printed, then the Single Vehicle Approval system process must be followed. Triumph must provide a Letter of Manufacture and modifications must be made to the motorcycle to change it over to a UK specification.
Importing a motorcycle into the USA

There is one procedure for importing a motorcycle into the USA:

All modification/paperwork must be obtained and completed before the motorcycle is shipped to the USA. If not, it is possible that the port authorities will impound the motorcycle or return it to the sending port. Therefore, you must contact a clearing agent in advance of shipping your motorcycle and they will assist with getting your motorcycle registered.

Importing a motorcycle into Canada

Used motorcycles cannot be imported into Canada.

Importing a motorcycle into Australia

It is only possible to import a motorcycle into Australia if it is covered by a COC.

Importing a motorcycle into France

The procedure for importing a motorcycle into France is as follows:

1) Change your bike to French specifications, at any Triumph dealer.

2) Send a copy of the invoice for labour and parts, plus your vehicle registration document (V55) to: Triumph SA

3) Triumph France will then send you an "Attestation d'Identification". This document is the confirmation from Triumph that your bike conforms to French homologation rules.



Mar 5, 2006
FWIW BritBikes here in Thailand have imported US Californian spec Triumphs in order to meet the strict Thai clean air homologation policy!
After 4 months they have yet to meet the stringent requirements and as a consequence they have yet to issue plates & greenbooks to any of their 40+ bikes sold so far.
I am told that they should finish the homologation process by the end of the month [July].
But then I have been hearing this since the beginning of April.
I do believe that we are nearing the end.
But it has been very slow going.
From what I understand from reading the experience of Azouly who imported a Monster - I believe he still had to submit it for homologation.
In spite of a Ducati importer importing the same model officially".
Thailand appears to have its own variable take on requirements on importation.
Apparently one of the added issues BritBikes have had to overcome is problems created by Sony who were "reimporting" electronics built in Thailand. They had broken some customs rules.
This issue was passed on to BritBikes who were reimporting bikes built in Chonburi.
Built in Thailand doesn't help, but adds to the difficulties - go figure huhh?
Oct 17, 2006
Homologation in Thailand is a sick joke,they do not have a clue what they are doing it is just another money scam.Even Toyota , Nissan GM ,Ford etc have problems with it , WTA rules mean nothing here nor do interntional agreed standards.A different examing officer will have a differnt opinion.
May 25, 2006
Hi, Friends,

As the Frenchie on duty, I do confirm that inporting a bike in France is quite easy as far as there is an official importer or representative.

-You have to make a file, with the homologation certificate from the French Official Importer (you could get it for free if you are lucky or pay some Euros for it).

-You have to make it compliant with the French Regulation (light, noise, polution, brakes, etc...) and then you go to a Homologation Department Office, with the bike for check.

Then you will receive a Certificate of homologation from the French Registration and with it you will be able to register the vehicle and obtain the plate numbers with "Carte Grise".

Quite easy, I did it several times, specially importing Harleys from CANADA and US, specially when the currency change is so good as it is at present.

Avoid to import a zero km bike brand new as then you'll have to pat the VAT (19,6 % of the total CIF value + custom fees) for vehicles under 6 month age and 5000 Km.

On an other hand, I think in this country -Thailand- all is an issue of doing it politly with kindness and respect for your thai interlocutor.

I was puzzled in the good sense by tjhe efficiency of the Thai Administration when I when for my Visa issue, if you fill up the right paper it runs very well and quickly, not like this B... of the French Admin... Here for France I have many things to say !!!

Hope it helps.