Importing Via Thai wife?

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  1. Just wondering if anybody had taken advantage of a Thai persons right to import their belongings from another country and not having to pay any import duty on any vehicles they own?

    Seriously thinking of importing a bike in my wifes' name....along with a few other belongings.
  2. Bummer.
    Will try to look into it a bit more,as I thought a Thai person was exempt from any kind of duty/tax on imported items....
    Sounds like you have looked into it too.
    Thanks for the reply.

  3. Sigh...was hoping to put a motorbike in the container too!
    Or even better to ride it up through Indonesia and Malaysia to Thailand...not THAT would be a trip!

    But,the reality is I should look for a bike already legal in Thailand,as the wise sages recommend.

    Know anyone selling a Honda 1000cc Vararedo??
  4. Thanks,will look into the V-strom....
  5. Buy local & registered. You can't out smart the system, especially as a farang.
    And yeah I'd say that the 650 V-Strom is going to be the way to go. I'm on a 650 Versys (when it is upright) but going to move UP to the 650 VStrom.
  6. ^ Hey, that's some exciting news!! Reckon you'll be the first GT-Rider on the new V-strom 650 :thumbup:

    Cracking bike with great reviews and surprisingly affordable by Thai standards.

    Best V-Strom review on the planet! :mrgreen:
  7. Well it looks like it should be able to handle Thai road conditions then!

  8. Ride it like you stole it. The BWWs. Yeehar.

    Power On. sent from Sony Xperia AcroS
  9. Too late, alanr1610 is already clocking up the kms on his.....
  10. Recently switch from a Versys to a V-Strom. I like to put in some long tours and had many a good trip on the Versys but it was always a compromise of what was available to what I would prefer. The V-Strom is completely different in every way through build quality, comfort and power delivery. This engine feels so relaxed compared to the Versys and I was worried that I would miss the hooligan side of the Versys but once the first service was done and the taps were opened fully it pulls very strong from very low rpm through to the red line with no judder or flat spots and IMO it feels as though it out performs the Versys. It certainly gave my two mates on thier 1200 Multistrada's a surprise. It turns in very nicely and the balance is just about perfect. Cornering "might" not as quick as the Versys due to the longer wheel base but to be honest the extra room on board is such a bonus. Has to be said I am very pleased and can't fault it in any way other than Suzuki Thailand need to be better, quicker.
  11. The Suzuki V-strom is Made in Japan. wai
  12. Wish you many happy rides and kilometers with your V Strom.

    I great choice, my 2009 V Strom is about to turn 100000 mostly in Thailand and Laos and has been fault free. Great to hear that GT David is also going that way.



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